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  1. Dang JahGreen...get off of his nuts. You are hanging on them so tight..let them breathe.
  2. They should have save the job for Randy when he retires...
  3. A decision win is ok when there is damage done...not just lay-n-pray. Example...GSP fought a smart fight...Kos wanted a standup fight and he got dominated. Kos was the one that needed to KO GSP...not the other way around. Either way, GSP didnt back down any of the exchanges eventhough he knew he won.
  4. Riddle could definitely take a punch and some...cant believe he survived round 1. He must have been knocked senseless from round 1 to shadow box the rest of the fight...haha. Still like to see his fights though...win or lose.
  5. Until Silva gets a rematch and kicks the crap out of Sonnen for 4.95 rounds, he will not be the #1 P4P fighter. He obviously got lucky when Sonnen got tired of pounding on him for 4.95 rounds. GSP have not lost a round or been touched...and this is coming from a BJ fan.
  6. This...and also too bad Kyle broke his hand in the first round while punching Silva's big head...haha. Those commentators didnt even noticed that...and continue on saying how good Silva is. I hate that one stupid commentator that has NO mma knowledge but keeps on talking out of his ****.
  7. Too bad for Riddle that the judges for the Pham/Garcia fight was not there for his fight...hehe.
  8. Steven's corner was yelling advices for him and he responded with a nod.
  9. Very damn excited to hear KID coming to the UFC.
  10. I think he does a great job...sometimes just a bit bias on some fights...haha. But hes not the judge so that shouldnt matter. His comments was in a way of protecting the UFC...saying that the UFC has nothing to do with judging. He knows his stuff and is very into the sport. On a side note, that guy over at Strikeforce pisses the crap out of me...no knowledge of MMA and a complete idiot.
  11. Daley wants only standup fighters now...he knows he has zero ground game.
  12. Finally, some sort of justice...but too bad his record will still be a L...eventhough his record is not good
  13. devill


    I thought it was an entertaining fight. At the end, it was funny how Mazzagatti was confused on what to do when he pulled Bonnar off and had 2 secs left. Then he had to redeem himself by deducting a point to Bonnar. Yes, I know...there was a couple of punches to the back of the head but it happens all the time....it just just funny. On the other hand, he did a good job at tackling Garza after that nasty KO...just WOW!
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