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  1. I don't think anyone was surprised to learn that the OP was high when he began this thread
  2. Exactly my thoughts. The kid has an amazing build. I mean if he wanted to, that frame could hold enough meat for HW even. He'd be nuts to go up though, and I think he's going to reign or at least trade the title back and forth for some time. But I don't see Rampage getting close enough before Jones makes him pay in order to land anything serious on Bone's chin. I respect Jone's skill and potential, but I'm trying real hard not too look at this pile of nails I see next to this coffin shaped box. WAR Rampage even still!
  3. SO hard to say. Some KO's/Subs were too fast to see depth, conditioning, etc. Have to see a few more episodes to get a better picture of the character of these guys. But I'm looking forward to this season like no other. How bout you? What are your thoughts on favorites?
  4. 1) Fight to get in the house bar raised. They fight under the big lights at the casino, but never see the house or the UFC facility unless they win. Really gives these guys a taste of what the big show is if they ever get there. 2) Lighter Weight classes ROCK! And these guys are all prepared and skilled. Yes, some more polished than others, but man were those fights awesome. Better than any fight-to-get-in set that's been done. Some nice cinderella stories too. 3) Finishing Bonuses - Shoulda been instituted long ago. I love the incentive to make the finish dramatic. Love it, can't wait. If this is any indication of what they are going to do when they move TUF to FOX, I'm all for it. Cheers! Mc1
  5. I'm a huge Rampage fan, and though I like Jone's skill, I don't like his ****y overly rightious attitude. However, I have a hard time seeing Rampage win this fight. I really want him to, and I feel that Jone's time will come even if he loses, so he really has nothing to lose here. I want Rampage to shine with one more Title before he starts down the slope that all fighters inevitable follow. So.....can anyone give any compelling and well thought out reasons why Rampage is likely to win this? Help me keep my hopes up! Thx
  6. Good thing the ancient greeks didn't copyright. Although...the statute of limitations would have expired.
  7. I started on the old website But there's so many here been here SO much longer. Thanks for the recap. It's hard to get the details mid-conference.
  8. I'm getting jumbles in the press conference but nothing consice. Anyone able to list some bullets with what exactly is new here, how TUF is changing, ect? Thanks!
  9. Its actually called The Speed Bag and it's a Burn Machine brand. There's a few variants. They got a monster endoursement just having Brock using it. I'm sure going to pick one up. Not cheap, but less expensive than I thought it'd be. If anyone has used it, please report your thoughts. Thx!
  10. While I like his attitude alot, I have to concur with the less than enthusiastic supporters. Lets not line this guy up for a title shot just yet, ok? He looks very slick on the ground and has very nice speed and throws. However until we can see him mix it up with the stand up game, I'm worried he'll be just a one dimensional fighter. He's very young, so even if that part of his game hasn't developed yet (we don't really know!) he has time to work on it. He looks like he's got enough athleticism so it shouldn't take long with the right guidance. Look for GSP to take this kid under his wing, or at least line him up with a camp that will help him develop. I'm sure there are some that are watching the show and win or lose TUF, he'll get a call, or meet someone in the events surrounding the finals. Definite potential here either way.
  11. Changed my mind. I'm liking this kid less and less. You can be confident without being a ******. Apparently he doesn't understand that yet lol. I wanted him to do well, now I just want him to get ktfo. Oh well.
  12. Back in my younger days, I'd say Matt Hughes. Now....more like Randy Nelson, lol.
  13. This isn't the first time they've done that. That has happened several times over numerous TUF's. This is one reason why I DVR the show and zoom thru commercials. Still, you sometimes catch it. It's so annoying. Don't think that anyone who can do anything about it is watching this forum though.
  14. mc1

    Mitrione WarWaggon

    Meathead is crazy like a fox. If he can improve his overall ground game to match his evolving stand-up, he'll be interesting to watch.
  15. mc1

    Any post UFC-119 cuts?

    Can they cut Cecil Peoples???
  16. This wasn't KO of the night b/c it was a pathetic fight until the one exchange where Mir got the TKO. If it went to the judges, it would have been 30-27 for Herb Dean.
  17. It was a sad fight in that it didn't live up to the billing....for either fighter. Mirko looked afraid to engage and Mir looked like he was trying to practice his new wrestling training. Just like Rogan said, it looked like a sparring match....a bad one. But with that said, Mir did finish the fight with a TKO so there's no dispute he won it. It just an awful fight to watch. Good thing it didn't go to the judges. I'm sure Cecil Peoples would have scored it 30-27 in favor of Herb Dean.
  18. I think Nog should have won it but while it COULD have gone in Bader's favor on the scorecard, there's no way in h&ll that it was 30-27. That's pathetic. Cecil Peaple's should be drawn and quartered.
  19. I root for Mir alot b/c I think he's talented and determined but man its hard to be a fan of this guy when he makes comments like this. Wtf is he thinking? On one hand he can be a great ambassador for the sport and on the other he makes statements that are terrible for the image of mma. Sigh....
  20. Sorry, Hughes has zero sense of humor. I still think the guy is a tool. A tough mofo, but a tool.
  21. mc1

    New Octagon Girl

    The new chick is taller than Arianni. They weren't side by side so couldn't tell but don't be surprised if they are close in size but the taller chick looks smaller b/c of the height. She's cute btw. Glad they are adding some new faces. Gotta be honest, I couldn't even look at the fighters when they were getting wieghed. I was too busy checking the ladies in the background.
  22. GSP is great for this kid. Like I said in my other thread, with the right attitude and with the right coaching, he'll learn alot. He has some good basic skills and good instincts. If he gets the right coaching, he'll be fun to watch in a few years. I only hope he doesn't run the mouth too much b/c the previews to next week's show looks like he's a braggart. Humility will help the image but it can also help you not overestmate yourself and help you train harder. We'll on this one. He's not cooked yet, still needs work.
  23. Yes he is. Now would someone who's been to a UFC event please answer this guy's question so he can have the best time possible? I"m interested in the answers myself b/c I'm hoping to go to one before the end of the year.
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