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  1. He won a decision over Edgar more than 2 years ago. Edgar just demolished one of the best fighters in the entire sport of MMA, for the 2nd time! What in the world makes you think he has champion qualities? He's never even fought a champion, much less beaten one.
  2. Gray Maynard thinks he is better than he is. He's not that dynamic of a fighter. He etches out the large majority of his wins by decision and does just enough to keep the score in his favor. He has not fought seriously top talent and I have no doubt that he will be out-classed when he faces Edgar again for a title shot. He's tough and he's a good wrestler...that's about all he has in his arsenal and that is not enough to wear a championship belt.
  3. I'd like to see you in the Octagon...it's really easy to ***** and moan about fighters sitting on your couch. But, to get out there and fight is a whole different story. So, keep on whining...you just make yourself look like an uneducated fool in the process. Besides...look at Rothwell's face...and he won the fight. You think you get dotted up like that by "just laying there"?
  4. I dunno...you might have a point with the "Super Heavyweight" weight class. Everyone talks smack about how the lighter heavyweights are too light for guys who max out @ 265 (i.e. - Cain Vel?zquez). I'd personally like to see Cain take the belt and believe that he will hold the HW title someday soon. Unfortunately, he will have to face Dos Santos immediately after winning it.
  5. It's not true. Yes he will run for office but, the retirement rumors are false according to Evgeni Kogan, M-1's director of global operations: http://www.mmatorch.com/artman2/publish/Affliction2/article_5632.shtml
  6. Why don't you people watch the post-fight press conference. Fighters who don't like each other typically trash-talk. One of them is going to win and one is going to lose. So, how about you all shut the **** up already.
  7. The Roadrunner would school all of those cartoon chumps, including Dr. Phil...
  8. These twats have no point....except for on the top of their heads.
  9. I'm not even going to take the time to read the BS post that accompanies the title of this thread. This was Diego's 4th loss...how the hell is his "career over"??????? ****ing moron...
  10. This was definitely not a fightcard to be remembered. There were a couple of decent fights but, overall I thought it was a waste of $45. I'd rather have waited and watched it free on Spike. I had a feeling that the main event was going to be a bit of a disappointment. That being said, I was impressed with Bisping as he seemed to have definitely improved his game and was actually committing himself to beating Miller's ****. Not to take anything away from Miller though. He is tough as nails and a great and worthy opponent. The lil Nog vs Brilz fight was the best fight of the night and definitely deserved the $65K purse that came with it. I love this sport and I love fighting in general. So, I'm always a bit emotional before, during and after the fights. I was kinda let down with the overall event last night and feel it should have been free on Spike or Vs. But, the fighters did give it their all for the most part and I can't expect every UFC to be the best UFC ever. I *****ed a little on the forum after the fight last night but, after watching the post-fight press conference, I'm back to anxiously waiting for the next event. Thanks to Dana and the fighters and awesome UFC production crew!
  11. What Kim did to Sadollah is wrestling. What Brilz did to lil Nog is wrestling. What Rashad did to Rampage was NOT wrestling. That's like someone using only a jab the whole fight and calling it boxing.
  12. I think it's about time someone with some capital and MMA knowledge stepped up and gave the UFC some real competition. This **** is getting old.
  13. Yep, you're right. That is exactly the way it is...someone give the monkey a quarter to put in his hat!
  14. I'm all for wrestling in MMA. I wrestled in high school and still train takedowns and positioning. But, for an MMA fighter to be a complete fighter, they are going to need to show us a lot more than just takedowns and clinching against the cage for 3 rounds. Squatting down low and swaying back and forth like a monkey does not = wrestling.
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