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  1. Wow, guess this means that something probably happened to you as a child. Sorry to hear that, on the upside though tell your uncle I said I.
  2. You have a lot of crying baby pictures, is that your fetish? You get off to crying children?
  3. So you making good grades in school Amun? Don't want to see you fail at anything as badly as you are currently failing.
  4. Who has Henderson beat? A wanderlie silva that was a shell of himself after his fight with Cro Cop controversial decisions over Nog and Franklin which nog avenged in brutal fashion, pissping, a controversial decision over Babalu
  5. Arlovski was the consenus number 2 heavyweight at the time Fedor beat him. Has Henderson ever even been a concensus number 2 MW or LHW let alone beat one?
  6. The only reason you can possibly think the UFC has the best fighters is because you are too stupid to realize they protect there fighters. They don't want Anderson make him fight people that would most likely beat him. There are plenty of great LWs outside of the UFC that they don't bring in because they don't want Penn to lose. The only legitemate UFC champion is GSP, there is not another WW that would beat him even 2/10 times.
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