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  1. long live the zerk, i love the asian pics he posts too, ****?! for real?! oh well, hope he comes back soon enough
  2. the spamming is gettin crazy around here, all of a sudden its everywhere, sux
  3. i like this but once a month is a bit much, once a year would be cool to see who gets voted in, all worthy inductees, i voted and my vote is secret lol
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxKuq3Lky2s And UFC 113 Post fight analysis. Thanks for watching. Tap
  5. the cheap shot was lame but a ban is silly, he should be fined. hit him in the purse, take the whole thing he was to be paid and then some and he'll get the message.
  6. this episode is REALLLLLY late coming out due to computer editing issues. thanks for watching. thanks again towhatend for calling in! Tap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iUks0mC-78
  7. i thought Nate was gonna kill Chael and the opposite happened, it's the most interesting fight right now at 185 so i'd like to see it, but AS wins imo
  8. I'm confused :confused: One of you please explain
  9. Well at least you've answered my question correctly, i answer 'no' to yours. Glad we got that sorted out right before bed. To all the **** complaining about there being a Lingerie Football League i bid you goodnite and dont bite the pillow too hard cuz you can choke on the feathers!
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