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  1. ummmm, everybody would rather watch fights for free. but if you want to pay for them, you can pay me.
  2. HAHA, dude, you came to the WRONG site. this site is filled with nothing but HUGE MMA fans. The only way this site is really found is by MMA fans who are obsessed with it. Anybody less then a huge MMA fan will have a slim chance of even finding this site.
  3. somebody that can throw a crazy flying heel hook or an arm bar because there are probably nobody that can stand with him. however, we will see when he faces shogun because theres no doubt that his game plan is to stand with him. i mean, i dont remember the last time shogun has tried to submit someone.
  4. the event is free so theres not much to complain about. we get to see a legand whos gunna try to prove himself again in the light heavy weight division. and you still cannot count randy couture out. he's got a lot of heart and he's a stratigical master.
  5. it doesnt mean that mma has finally come. it just shows that mma is unpredictable.
  6. you are way behind man. they dont send them home anymore. ITS THE 10TH SEASON. THEY QUIT DOING THAT THE 3RD SEASON.
  7. dude, your an idiate. the light heavyweight division is the most stacked division out of any other weight class. get your head out of your ****.
  8. his ground game needs to be tested. especially if he should get a title shot at all in the future against GSP then his ground game needs to be tested because GSP really likes to wrestle.
  9. i completely agree. you bring up some very good points. hendo has said that he really wants anderson silva. plus he's coming towards the end of his career. also marquart says he can wait and that he will fight anybody they put in front of him. same with vitor.
  10. Robert_09

    Maynard sucks!!!!!

    your stupid. he was out striking huerta. he knocked him down 1 or 2 times.
  11. dude, this is good. this is very good. this is like, the best blog on the website right now.
  12. dude, you are WAY behind. dana white said that he's pissed about it and the fight has been moved to early 2010.
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