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  1. Wow, it's been a while since I've talked with you, Brew! 3X NAGA champ now, if it was me you were referring to.
  2. Not real worried' date=' as you can't see threads unless you are signed in, and the culprit for the information in the first place is being dealt with. You also should realize that Brew isn't the owner of that forum, and there are people on there that haven't done anything to you, to deserve this treatment. Expect to be treated quite harshly, as if, by some chance, personal photos of [i']my[/i] family, or information about them, were to become public knowledge, I will have no recourse but to retaliate with all measures of the legal system. Also, you do realize that site you have written for's editor, and head writer is Kang and I? Dumb move, pal.
  3. I would assume that with the sucess of the Expo, that quite a few cities(especially new markets) will be getting the Expo treatment. It went over quite well.
  4. So, I was at both the Fan Expo, and at the TD Garden for 118, Row 3(thanks, Dana!!!!!). Check out my report on it: http://huggingnuts.com/ufc-118-fan-expo-a-hit/
  5. manutdfan


    There is an article on huggingnuts.com that describes what the 118 expo and fights were like. check that out.
  6. That still has no bearing on an MMA match. I didn't write Lee Murray in jail to see how Tito Ortiz's next scrap will turn out.
  7. A small list of 'known' grapplers I've rolled with: Abmar Barbosa(Pan Am, Rickson Cup, etc. Champion) Robert Drysdale Jorge Gurgel Felipe Bueno(IBJJF champ at Brown Belt) Eduardo Oliviera(Multi-time Brazil state champ, NAGA champ) Vinicius 'Draculino' Magalhaes(The GB professor, not the TUF washout) Dan Simmler(TUF 7) Alexey Cruz(Machida's BJJ instructor) And Brew: I'm now a Multi-Time NAGA champ myself!
  8. One fake fighter saying who will win between two other fake fighters in a 'real' fight. No, I'm not interested.
  9. Renato by D'Arce choke. Because he's one of the top 3 MMA submission fighters of all time.
  10. Day 2 of the blog. http://huggingnuts.com/?p=516#respond
  11. If post wh0ring under the guise of 'Fighter Gangs' is what's considered fun, instead of talking about, gee, I don't know, MMA, then I guess I suck at having fun. Then again, shouldn't you boys be in school right now?
  12. What the **** is this crap? Seriously, we are having internet gang wars? You lose at life.
  13. Hopefully I fare better than Aaron Tru did!
  14. Post count means nothing. I have more respect both on this forum, and the real world than you can muster online, and my post count is not that high. 'itsmyhouse' is completely correct in saying for you to take 'gang' and 'group' affiliations back to myspace. By the way, who still uses myspace? I thought that was for pedophiles and 12 year olds?
  15. What a cool article. Where can I read more?
  16. http://www.huggingnuts.com That beats all.
  17. A stint on TUF does not make Vinny a mma fighter, Kang. hahahaha!!!
  18. He meant Thiago Silva. Also, Tim is NOT a black belt. In the LHW division, Renato Sobral is the top submission artist, bar none.
  19. I hope you all find it amusing.
  20. thanks! make sure to go over and sign up!
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