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  1. Transformers is pretty fun so far. Just been playing campaign so I can unlock guys for escalation
  2. That first episode was all over the place. Couldn't really gather what they attempting to do for this season. Also no Eric sucked
  3. Picked up Max curse of brotherhood and Halo Spartan assault for free. Only tried Max. It's a fun little game. Good time waster till tomorrow
  4. Pffft.... YEAH RIGHT. If you paid for that ****, you either hate your money or just have way too much of it. They don't even have anybody worth a damn on it. What are they doing? That organization must be run by some real geniuses. you obviously have no clue about Kickboxing because that card was packed with some of the best names out there. The free fights and ppv was better then any mma in the last few years. The only thing that they need to fix is a bit of production and better commentators
  5. Spoiler!!! Spoiler again for the people who.missed it the first time. Do you think they will Hide jorahs face in the bar and make it suspenseful like the books when he kidnaps Tyrion? I don't know...... they never really did with Barristan meeting Dany
  6. I wonder if Mendes loses if Faber would go back to 145.....
  7. Yeah not even allowed to put a last name. I'm pretty sure I saw an option to put in a custom last name, but I could be wrong. You can, I used it. Missed it then Needless to say I was way too tired yesterday to be playing any game lol. I won my first three fights without using any power strikes because I forgot RB was used power strikes Also need to practice takedown D a lot more because I suck at it
  8. Few short years ago that wouldn't even make the main card on a ppv.....
  9. Great episode, and my word the conversation between Mance Rayder and Jon Snow was my favorite scene from this season. So many great scenes that episode. Stannis army just raping the wildlings The farmer bringing his kid in front of Dany Hound asking to be killed by Arya
  10. I gave and got ufc..... Now thinking of who to create while it downloads I gave and got ufc..... Now thinking of who to create while it downloads creation is pretty bad for looks, you have to pick between generic faces and you can't edit them, only hair,eyes, nothing like nose position or anything like that It was ok for me, because I just made a generic black guy Yeah not even allowed to put a last name. Had to use generic ones and the one nickname that they needed wasn't in there. Also not being able to adjust the tats sucked Tried making Nieky Holzken as best as I could.
  11. We have been pretty good about letting people know when we are posting spoilers. Very little has been posted about next season besides some of the characters that will be introduced which isn't a spoiler. If someone asks a question then I'm going to reply. Spoiler below. You've been warned my peeps lol Hey juice how to you think they'll handle the Martells next season. Also do you think they'll add Victarian and Euron? They haven't even went on about what happened to balon
  12. I gave and got ufc..... Now thinking of who to create while it downloads
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