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  1. I'm off to bed though. Nice chatting with you boys tonight. You know the real reason Syd's better, and so is Stamkos, because they're Canadian and Canadians have more heart than Russians. Russians just cash pay checks.
  2. He doesn't play with Malkin, except for on the power play. His wingers are Kunitz and Dupuis. And Letestu this year, who I've never even heard of. Ovie plays with Backstrom and lots of the time, Semin too. comrie is shyte too man, he isn't good enough to play for some AHL teams.
  3. Gretz used to whine when he first cam into the NHL. so did Bobby Orr actually. It's nothing new. tHe thing is, guys like orr, gretzky and crosby have targets on them because people are jealous of their attention. they actually do get more infractions on them at times, and now that there is an instigator rule crosby has little protection whereas when gretzky was touched symenko or mart mcsorley beat your face in.
  4. I wold fight Obama. Or the pope. People wold hate me for it. It would get good ratings too.
  5. something along the lines of, "f*** off or I'll kill you."
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