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  1. I agree with you, i think he should and will beat "Mayhem", No body has really said otherwise. In fact i dont think he should be fighting Miller at all as there are much better fights out there for him if he is to Prove himself in this division ie, Munoz, Belcher, Maia, Belfort and thats before he is anywhere near Sonnen never mind the Spider. People just dont like the way he talks to people and conducts himself, and believe he is setting himself up for one Hell of a fall!
  2. I referr to the fact that the majority of American fans have verbaly abused him over the years and i defended him claiming they just dont get his British humour!! When in fact now i agree with them as there can be no excuses for the diarrhea that has dribbled out of his mouth this season!! I am British and live 5 mins away from the Wolf's Lair Gym and that i am sorry to say is not Britsh Humour' date=' He is just a childish and disrespectful man trying to get attention when he should really let his fighting do the talking.. He is not a bad fighter and i think he should beat Mayhem, he just doesnt need to act like this. Oh, Babbling little worm?? [b']Mike is that you??[/b]
  3. I have been on this forum many times in the last few years sticking up for Bisping, i actualy thought it was just a case of the American fans not getting his sense of humour, and to be honest i thought he was treated extremely harsh. WELL NO MORE!!!!! I am sorry mike, but you cant pass this off as British humour, and though it pains me to say this as i was a huge Fan of Bisping, you are acting like a complete Pr!ck (as you like to say), you are showing no class what so ever and to be quite frank, in my humble opinion, you are laughing stock and embarrassment to yourself, your team and more importantly British MMA. Please Do yourself and the rest of the MMA World a favour, GROW UP & SHUT UP
  4. This is a smart move after his last "fight" , but as a "MIXED" Martial Artist he should have already be training with wrestlers.
  5. This is strange!! I have it on series link and it missed last weeks but is set for this Saturday, WTF is happening, is it because there were two fights last week so they missed a week??:confused:
  6. Marquart was offerd Bisping at UFC114 but he shat himself and turned it down!!!!! Marquardts wife is expecting and he didnt want to miss the birth thank god, Bisping would struggle big time against Nate.
  7. He couldnt give Paulo Thiago a fight so what makes you think he could give GSP one? Although the last fight between them was close;) Kos has his hands full with Daley never mind GSP! Rumble v Hardy would be a good fight in my opinion, and a close one to call! Going back to Thiago, i would love to see him in there with GSP, i think he could give GSP a fight!!!
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