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  1. Ya know, I thought the same thing everytime I thought about this fight. I mean I'm a huge GSP fan, he's my favorite fighter, but I was pretty certain that shouldthis fight go down that Silva would win...That is...until I saw the Chael Sonnen fight, lol.
  2. True, Okami does deserve his title shot...Even though I'm pretty sure Silva's gonna beat him too, lol. And yeah, I'm sure GSP would need some time to beef up a little more. but for what it's worth, if both of these guys win they're next fight, then I think it's time for them to square off. They've both clearly cut through all they're divisions so at this point...who is there left to fight but each other? Guess we'll see.
  3. What ever happened to Silva fighting GSP should GSP get past Shields? What gives man? What gives?! Once again, the super fight everyone was looking forward to seeing was within finger distance of actually happening, and now Dana goes and arranges this crap? Fail. Epic fail...But...from a business point of view I can see why he'd do it. Kinda like Mayweather and Pacquio. Just let more time go by and more people will pay to see it when it actually happens...I guess.
  4. This is a hard one to call. I mean JDS clearly has the upper hand in the standup realm. He definetly has more KO power then Cain imo. So if he can keep the fight standing I definetly see him winning. But...Cain is tough as nails man. He's been hit hard and rocked before and still came out on top. So he knows how to keep his head clear when in danger. That and of course he definetly has the advantage on the ground and his stand up is really good too. So, because of the fact that Cain is more well rounded, I'm tempted to say Cain via unanimous decision. But...Cain faced someone who was more well rounded then him in Gonzaga and he ktfo'd him...IDK man, I give up. Guess we'll just have to see what happens should JDS get past Brock...Which I'm sure will happen. If this fight does go down, I see it turning out to be one of the best fights this year. I really don't know who to root for to be honest. I like both fighters. Cain is a really humble and quiet guy who never really has anything bad to say about anyone and JDS looks like one of the nicest coolest guys you'll ever meet (especially after seeing him on TUF, I've grown to like him a lot more as a person and fighter seeing how he interacts with his team on the show). So, it's kinda hard to root for either guy when you like both fighters and don't want either one to do bad. So...we'll see.
  5. Didn't see the vid, but as far as who will win...It's all JDS. KO in round 1. His striking and power will just be to much for Brock to handle. If Brock got knocked down by Cain I shudder to think how he'll end up with a punch from JDS, lol.
  6. I didn't read the analysis, but I gotta go with my gut instinct on this one...I thnk Belftor's gonna win. While he may not be as much of a technical striker as Anderson is, his speed, explosiviness, and power I think are gonna be far to much for Anderson to handle. anderson is fast too and I dare say that he ay be faster then Belfort. But if Belfort catches aSilva by surprise and rushes him the same way he did Ace (which I believe he will do) then Saturday night we'll have a new middlewight champ. But, we'll see what happens.
  7. Oh, I see. So he did it to better prepare himself for his next fight. Better defense...Or offense. Maybe he wanted to use it offensively to scratch Cain with little bear bristels in the hopes of wearing down his stamina. Still...it didn't go so well. Maybe he needs to get it to Kimbo Slice status for it to be fully effective. What you think?
  8. So...the answer for him to win over his medical condition is to use steroids? Conveniently right when he's about to fight Anderson Silva...for the championship?...
  9. ...The beard...Hands down...that's what it was. It threw him off his groove. Think about it. No beard...punishes everyone he came across (except for Carwin but that was cause he was out sick for a while, but still won anyways). Beard...gets spanked like a 4 year old at Kmart. My advice to Brock Lesnar...you wanna keep winnin in the UFC...Lose the Wannabee Viking look
  10. I'm surprised only one person has mentioned this one. But for me, hands down the most brutal thing I ever saw in the Octagon was when BJ Penn elbowed Joe Stevenson on the forehead and all the blood just came gushing out from his head and dripping all over his face. That was just...crazy...:S
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