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  1. SharkBaitE

    MMA training

    wheres this at? i could use a teach like that
  2. Now that i got your attention any fighter from texas hit me up
  3. SharkBaitE


    both bjj and grappling all no-gi
  4. SharkBaitE


    Hey does anybody know of local tournaments in texas. im a fighter trying to test my skills and put a tape together
  5. SharkBaitE

    need some help

    Thanks for the offer lol but i dont think my girlfriend would like that very much
  6. SharkBaitE

    need some help

    I stay in bell county. Harker Heights, Killeen, Ft Hood area im mainly looking for sparing partners so i can do a tape to send in.
  7. SharkBaitE

    need some help

    Hey ya im from texas and lookin for a place where i can train and spare other fighters in the sport i cant find any fighters or a place that will let me spare in, can anyone help me? Plus im trying to get in some cage matches so i can be spoted by the wec i weight in at 125 lbs.
  8. If your still in school join the wrestling team and try to learn a lil bit of tai chi it helps you out rather you believe it or not and when you have the chance practice practice practice even if you have to with friends
  9. Hey ya im from texas looking for fighters in texas to train an spar with im trying to get in the sport professionaly and out of backyard matches.
  10. welcome to the forum
  11. SharkBaitE

    Hi !!!!

    no im not military but i am look for fighters and matches to help persue my career in mma
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