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  1. UFC needs to get a better official time than that.
  2. That looks like 6 seconds to me. Who the heck said 7 sec?
  3. :confused::confused::confused::mad: Somebody please make this right for the sport. Theres no way he tied that. That picture was taken off my iphone off of my DVR.
  4. Just wanted to know who you guys thought would qualify for being a top fighter with the best masculine physique. My random list is... Rampage, Vitor Belfort, JDS, GSP, Lesnar, Shogun, Kongo, Rashad, Hendo... Any thoughts?
  5. Yea I find it funny that your STILL talking and Silva is STILL the champ. Nuff said' !
  6. Well if the lay out is bad, than make a better one. Stop hating and get a life. Get banned. Get out, get a clue, get a girl friend, get a job, get some soap, get a brain. get a gun and shoot yourself bc u dont like it
  7. Silva putting on a Front? Puuh LEEZ ! Dont get it twisted, brotha from anotha motha. Sonnen had NO HEART to even look at the " ear ring wearing, pink shirted" champion. Its like his eye is not on the prize, and his mouth and brain are in la la land.
  8. Its like what Rampage has said before when he lost to Rashad. We arent "Rampage" and most of the fans dont even fight. Those guys are putting it on the line for us, and later on in life they might have serious health problems or mental problems and yet we dont have to deal with that. If your a real fan and appreicate the sport than youll just sit back and watch the show. In the end, we all have a right to demand, but we dont have a right to judge. Yeah it would be nice to get everything we want and demand, but Ish happens and just because it doesnt happen doesnt mean we have to judge it in a negative way.
  9. All the racist white people rooting for Sonnen, Hating on Silva bc white people cant move like him. Its all good though, Im part white too, and thats what i see coming from my own peeps. Sonnen has alot of razor blades to swallow If he losses. This fight is kinda like Ali vs Rocky.Silva is Ali, Sonnen is Rocky. Rocky couldnt even touch Ali...
  10. When was the last time you seen Anderson "throw" something and get countered? Silva is the most deadliest man in the world when hes in the zone. He really is like Spider Man. and he really does have some sort of "spider sense". He is beatable but someone has to be like Venom to destroy him ! Vitor has a chance, but I still think Silva has the better striking not the power.
  11. GSP is better at take downs , using vaseline, and building mucsle. BJ is better by showing and having a bigger HEART ! GSP dont got the heart to say anything but "I am not impressed by your performance" So weak.... Ok George, have you seen any of your 25 min performances? Real impressive domination, now go watch Silva vs Griffin and get back too me. Go pop some more viagra and fish oil pills ! Stop wrestling and start FIGHTING. This is U F C. not U W C
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