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  1. Apparently anyone can beat GSP on the feet if they can stop his wrestling.. or so this half retarded forum believes.
  2. Maybe not destroy' date=' but dominate him pretty handily. Sonnen would have to worry about GSPs takedowns just as much as taking him down.. not just that, but Sonnen off his back is PATHETIC. He always has been. He is garbage off his back. Hell he would tell people that! So yes, GSP by a decent smacking. Pretty much this.. and what do you mean? Vitor did great against Hendo
  3. Does anyone really believe Kos has serious KO power and has actually done anything compared to GSP in the stand up? Does anyone watch his fights or am I the only one?
  4. A fighters union would never work unless Brock, GSP, Anderson, Shogun, BJ, Liddell, Couture, Shields, and Hughes (and maybe Sonnen now) signed it. The UFC preys on their seat filling. Without them, they are in as much hot water as Strikeforce is. Other names like Rashad, Page, Machida, Bones, Maia, Marquardt, Fitch, Alves, Kampmann, Condit, Edgar, Hardy, Bisping, Akiyama, Wandy, Big and Little Nog, etc. would be hard for the UFC to also deny. They need all these fighters more than they need to not pay for medical bills. It is just too hard to win.
  5. Couture and Hughes are two different wrestlers. Couture has better stand up where Hughes has better BJJ and ground control. It is tough to call..
  6. There are a lot of factors, but Chins are tougher than Temples. If you smack a guy full force there, he is more likely to drop then on the chin. Also, a combination has a higher KO rating than a single strike. If I landed an uppercut and then a hook on you, you will be much more hurt (or out) than if I hit you with just one of those. There are factors galore in this.
  7. How about you stop being a tool and go watch the first fight. FOTY can you say? now STFU and GTFO of here.
  8. IwishIwasMMA

    Bas vs Fedor?

    Fedor has a crazy advantage on the ground. Although Bas has a sick sub game now, I doubt he can handle Fedor's GNP. In the stand up Bas has the advantage. Wrestling-wise It is all Fedor IMO. Clinch.. close. I say Fedor by TKO or submission. Bas and Fedor are AWESOME though.
  9. Anderson would be ****ing raped by RJjr in a boxing match.
  10. Penn.. By Submission late 3rd early 4th is my guess. Penn is evil when he is motivated.
  11. GSP would more than likely decision Sonnen. I think GSP has more tools to keep Sonnen guessing and Sonnen cannot exactly shoot in against the best wrestler in MMA without being very close to him. Also, GSP is smarter and has better movement.
  12. Nah. I think a Realist is what it he is. A **** is someone that believes Koscheck is good at something besides wrestling and cardio. A few times cardio has even been an issue.
  13. Quest Xtreme Couture Jackson's AKA Blackhouse (because of Mo)
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