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  1. He'll be a great fit at Liverpool next year now Werner made the dumbest decision imaginable!
  2. Yep. I'm gonna shaert all over you cans this week. Might even be a HOF score
  3. Nunes KO1 asunsao KO1 sandhagen DEC magny dec Omalley KO2 pitolo KO1 Stamman DEC hooper sub 1 Formiga DEC burns sub 2 Menifield ko1
  4. Chair of NYC council health committee
  5. Lol!! Just read that Klobacher (spelling) was a prosecutor and investigated police complaints back when Officer Take-a-knee was shooting and abusing other naggers, and being incredibly lenient... This gon' be good
  6. Read my tl/dr post you jerk lol I think there's protests happening today. Thankfully I have a truck and rarely stop especially for skinny white ink students in black
  7. Lol **** off idiot. Also, that video was hardly dark web. Anything that beats your retarded logic has to have a label that makes it meaningless, funny that. Can't wait to see you cry in November lol
  8. I quoted him, you dumb ****ing hick idiot 😂 because, once again, he crushed you. **** me you are honestly the new FH and that's not easy to do.
  9. Lol what video are you on about? You're so weak it's pathetic. Shame those naggers aren't storming up your block so you can tell them how you're on their side
  10. If anything these scumbag rioters are going to make it easier for Trump2020 lol This chit has landed on "reconciliation week" over here which is where all the white Aussie's have to be wokesad about what the English did to the aboriginals when they got here.. So now all the lefties are eating each other over which is the correct virtue signal move for the white man. Sad about BLM or sad about ALM (abo lives matter) - and the superwokesads are telling off the wokesads for mentioning the American chit but not including the Aboriginal chit. For someone who actually works for a living and carrying a sleep decimating nerve injury all while trying to get his house built it's incredibly confusing which one I could care less about. Good to see Corona is off what tiny bits of the news I watch during ad breaks of MasterChef AU 2020 (which is good btw way we fired the annoying judges and hired three new awesome ones including an office hot Asian piece.)
  11. Quote TDSUF bro don't tie me into this ish lol
  12. Oh so mildly hot? 😉 crazy about those fockers trying to head up there with you all ready for them. Kamikaze mode initiated
  13. I should know this but where are you located m8?
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