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  1. The GOAT era @-idyb- here's Merv against your Pakicans
  2. Hazmat could Smesh both those cans in one night
  3. KhamGOAT finna knock this Jamaican point fighting fаg dead then smile and say I Smesh you brother it's nothing
  4. Those Canadian fаggots wouldn't last five minutes on a cricket pitch facing Merv Hughes m8
  5. I always found that a strange name, surely Gumby would be a jits guy?
  6. Quite violent for a Canadian aren't you
  7. Why don't they have those nets guns you see in movies? Bad tard guy "Derp derp rheeee I'm gonna stab you pigs!" Cop - BOOM (shoots net gun) Bad tard guy wriggles on ground trapped in net "ngyeeeeeeiiii lemme outta here pigghnnyaaaa"
  8. Rogan ep with Alex Jones and Tim Dillon just got pulled down I was about half way through lol
  9. When someone with bipolar goes manic all decision making and logic is gone. The frontal cortex grey matter actually becomes thinner, temporarily scrambling the frontal lobe. So you're right, except it's "sometimes, during a manic episode =/= not knowing right from wrong"
  10. Topturtle has 145 FB followers! And don't you knock Bart's people fight predictions
  11. Vincent Luque would murder this Jamaican coward in a rematch.
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