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  1. Stipe ko Omalley ko Rozenstruik ko Dodson dec Pichel dec Burns sub Felice dec Yoder dec Porter ko Kamaka dec
  2. I still want to know how u get faggot past the filter u faggot Lololol it worked. I'm a genius!
  3. Feed this fat bum to Khamzat
  4. Man fairtex lost that fight to the Aussie girl I'm glad to see her finally get what's been coming!
  5. The best thing for me about Gorst is that JA gave him an unusually high pitched voice as a character, and how he separates his inner dialogue of venom with inadequate squeaks. Similar to how he's handled Glokta (arguably my favourite of all his characters) I'd love a little more from Dow as well, but can accept that his name in a way speaks for itself. Have either of you gotten your hands on Sharp Ends yet? It's a collection of short stories set in the same universe. It all preceeds each book so there's no spoilers, and you get to meet another of his funniest characters, Jevra. @NoCakeForYaya have you smashed out ALH yet? Thoughts? Maybe throw it in spoilers so our mate Flat Pack here doesn't get upset. Friendly is a GOAT. I absolutely love that he gets a bromance too.
  6. Yoder DEC $2.85 felice DEC $5 dodson win $2.90 3 leg @$41
  7. Sorry but I ain't reading a god damn thing Rose fooking McClown posts that bich is legit crazy
  8. While that may be true, you need to remember that he's fighting Neil Mangay.
  9. And here's your $40 return ticket, genius. How about I don't try to tell you about sorting Christmas cards and you don't tell me about air travel prices. Seem fair?
  10. Guess I'll just have to believe a guy who's spent years making money in the travel industry over a guy who's last plane trip was with the US military ten years ago who sorts envelopes for a living. Here's a basic search for a return trip to Bali from my city. I went around the same time last year for just under $450 return pp.
  11. Due to social distancing most flights (out of Oz at least) are running at about1/3 to 1/4 of standard maximum passenger capacity. 1 person per row and staggered. Meaning you pay 3x what you usually would for all taxes and airline overheads. So the seat will be roughly the same, but taxes and ticketing fees etc are way more. The seat itself is the cheapest part of your ticket.
  12. That's how it is here. On the public system (medicare) I'm currently on the semi-urgent waiting list for my hand. I had my referral sent to the hospital and received a triage notice that basically told me 'we decided it's semi-urgent and sent it to a department' Now I wait 3-6 months for my surgical consult, then it's triage for the actual procedure which will be another 3-6 months. I'm not currently on private because I don't have the spare time to use the extras so it's just giving a corp. Money for a just in case. Now that I need something I can join a private fund and will have to wait 12 months to be covered for the procedure, at which point i'll most likely be booked to do it publicly, probably in the same hospital by the same doctor. So yes it's govt inneficiency vs corporate profit. The best option would be to travel overseas and have it done immediately by an Aussie doctor in a new surgery in Thailand but now flights are charging business class prices for domestic seats and I'd have to self isolate for two weeks on my return which is 3+k worth of wages. We pay a lot for our medicare in tax so it's definitely not as good as its being advertised
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