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  1. I'm already fist deep into Jan by KO units. Started at $5 and down to $4.50, loading up again
  2. Fixed for truth. Agreed m8 Fedor bless
  3. Well no, the Dutch was referred to as one of the EU.. are they not?
  4. I won't be having it so I'm not too fussed tbh. Not surprised though, the Dutch have been jelly of us since they've been the beta version of Australia since 1644
  5. All of Usman's defences would beat the chit out of GSP's prime opponents
  6. Aren't you still in lockdown on that stinky little Isle of Halitosis?
  7. I can have different picks here to the league can't I? Just in case I want to hedge
  8. We don't need four minutes of video to describe two Instagram posts
  9. Fun fact - I'm Polish on my dad's side.. Hang on I thought Volk was fighting a couple or weeks later?
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