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  1. I bet you're fatter right now than he was at his fattest. I could only imagine how you'd handle a football lol
  2. Ok well I guess you have a task to help waste away all those daylight hour
  3. @Bubba_Sparks who was it saying they're reading the old Conan books? Some guy is reading them to me at the moment and it's unbelievable they were written in the 1930's, some of the best I've read tbh
  4. What's the matter? Too many attractive women, strong manly men and straight teeth for you m8?
  5. Jesus well I don't know how tf to do that and make it look like an accident in Canada you foglets are all too friendly! Maybe don't say Owwkey then to the next person who greets you and they might try to superman punch you
  6. Ok message recieved. Go drink lots of your moose urine wine and ride your bike home
  7. Yeah also this TC you favourite playing old man protecting kent everybody tells our resident dinotard to fook off and die. It's not my fault I'm more wordy
  8. Lol! I was like you let me get away with that but hammer me for the other one? Tbf, he absolutely should tho
  9. Thanks m8 Word to the wise, don't trust the Queen.
  10. I just got out of 7.25 days for wondering why somebody was single! Most of my other bans were for abusing WTG and FH and probably unjust. Telling WTG to inspect the rear elements of his oven while the gas was on was good advice imo
  11. Lol I wonder why you're single now
  12. We use Parler now m8 anything pro Trump is bant on twatter
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