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  1. Read the OP all the rules are clear you Fаgnadian Foglet 😘
  2. Twice* He gouged him in the first as well, right after Belal recovered from the double headkick that rocked him earlier. Second obvious shot should have been a point deduction and if a fight is called off by an incident which warranted a point to be taken then the result should be a DQ loss instead of a NC. It wasn't a rematch because Leon said no to it. Like the piece of chit coward he is.
  3. And you reminding us that you're a potato. Your propellor hat crown is in the mail
  4. Facts Although he's been sitting out a long **** minute too.. his resume Trump's Edtards easily. This idiot should be rematching Luque or Belal before anything else happens
  5. Fixed, thanks for letting me know m8
  6. Happy to wait for title shot “Let’s say they do give Colby the title shot, I’m not fighting no one else unless it’s a title shot. That’s just it,” Edwards told the UFC’s John Gooden. “I’m not gonna start fighting 10, 11, 12 fights and still ain’t got a title shot. I’ve earned my way. I didn’t b*tch and moan when I took my loss against Kamaru. I worked my way back up to now have a 9, 10-fight win streak. I feel like I deserve it." LOL @DanaWhite just cut this scrub already
  7. Oh damn not bad! Funny story Weber actually contacted me to work for them after a friend of mine who works for them came over and saw my bbq game and knows I've been a rep and involved in food and deal with a ****load of chefs and industry types with my company. Actually didn't mind the idea of stepping away from working so damn much and letting the others run **** while I just flogged Weber products and made profit in the background, until they literally offered me a starting wage of $60k 🤣🤣🤣🤣 laughed in their face and asked if they were looking for an apprentice
  8. Fml needed that to go the distance
  9. Well it hit didn't it lol not sure why I played that KO line
  10. Parisian decision is a lock should be a much bigger favourite imo
  11. You can fuсk off you Cangaydian сunt
  12. Jung KO 2 Oliniek SUB Vera DEC Choi KO Parisian TKO 3 Procopio DEC
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