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  1. Nah it's just some Boomer from an Aussie facebook group, but it happened. XR are Xtra Retarded
  2. No they're everywhere. That group of morons is posting a heap of stuff about now that we have this situation we need to use the environmental changes as momentum and keep up etc etc.. Those behind the green new deal, the Bernie socialists etc. They kinda have the scenario they want in a way. One could say they are the ones who have actually benefitted the most (if this was to be considered a crime, I mean)
  3. This thing is beginning to look less like bat-flu and more like Eco-terrorism by some extremist greeny kunts
  4. Does Dr Boss Lady know how disrespectful you are to your betters?
  5. Did they crop out Longley just to enrage Aussie's?
  6. Bish you're combing my chest hair. TDS infested foglet
  7. @TUF isn't far off but it isn't due to Corona
  8. @I_Take_Roids_m8 Have you seen any of the #filmyourhospital naggers on your turf?
  9. Are you married? If so how many men **** your wife? I swear you're either a cuck or an incel, or somehow both.. how else is the TDS in you SO strong?
  10. Mexico doesn't count mate that's like me saying I went overseas to New Zealand. Neither does Canada. That's also like saying I went overseas to New Zealand.
  11. Someone who's never left his country is in no place to discuss another country's choice of toast spreads. Even though you guys have the best variety out there apart from no Vegemite obvs
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