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  1. Ummmm haaaaave you met Vitor?
  2. Omg RIP Bond. 90! Jaysus we're old
  3. Do yourselves a favour and throw $50 on Greene to tap fat black Dan Hardy out easily
  4. Jesus Christ mate you've got your own playlist here for fuсks sake lol Busta up in here now. Jaysus https://open.spotify.com/artist/1YfEcTuGvBQ8xSD1f53UnK?si=0UPgzmfkTdKXD5SwyuFrCw
  5. Holland M. Greene sub 3 Bobby Green Dec Strickland Hernandez Casey dec Natividad dec
  6. @Bubba_Sparks come tell your m8 how I feel about people peddling Hey Zeus onto me
  7. I think you missed the B in Bobbie m8 Also, in general in the UFC they're all bigger and cut heaps to get that slight advantage. Bellator historically has guys at or closer to their legit weight. Eg Lombard was a MW champ and had to drop to WW to get that equal size again.. Shlemenko in his prime, MW but would be tiny in the UFC MW.. more recently they're similar with more cutting though. They need to all copy OneFC and use hydration testing.
  8. Imo Moose would absolutely be holding the belt if he didn't leave. Also him vs Ruthless Bobbie Brawler would be a god damn war Same with Lima in the UFC ww div.. although he'd be small compared to the UFC weight cutting cowards there.
  9. Projecting much there you tubby fuсktard? Also, found an image of you and your husband making love. You're welcome. What a treasured moment for you both
  10. The GOAT era @-idyb- here's Merv against your Pakicans
  11. Hazmat could Smesh both those cans in one night
  12. KhamGOAT finna knock this Jamaican point fighting fаg dead then smile and say I Smesh you brother it's nothing
  13. Those Canadian fаggots wouldn't last five minutes on a cricket pitch facing Merv Hughes m8
  14. I always found that a strange name, surely Gumby would be a jits guy?
  15. Quite violent for a Canadian aren't you
  16. Why don't they have those nets guns you see in movies? Bad tard guy "Derp derp rheeee I'm gonna stab you pigs!" Cop - BOOM (shoots net gun) Bad tard guy wriggles on ground trapped in net "ngyeeeeeeiiii lemme outta here pigghnnyaaaa"
  17. Rogan ep with Alex Jones and Tim Dillon just got pulled down I was about half way through lol
  18. When someone with bipolar goes manic all decision making and logic is gone. The frontal cortex grey matter actually becomes thinner, temporarily scrambling the frontal lobe. So you're right, except it's "sometimes, during a manic episode =/= not knowing right from wrong"
  19. Topturtle has 145 FB followers! And don't you knock Bart's people fight predictions
  20. Vincent Luque would murder this Jamaican coward in a rematch.
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