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  1. This thread can't die. I have absolutely nothing to contribute, but it keeps me laughing.
  2. Ok, this is the last time I comment on the subject. I'm not changing your mind, and your not changing mine, but PLEASE go back and re-read the 2nd half of my 3rd paragraph. Read it slowly. I said I DO NOT find a thrill in killing wildlife, and rather you think so or not, a deer has a huge advantage over a hunter. Have a great day, and enjoy your chicken!! I'm going back into my "redneck" coma.
  3. Can't believe I'm getting sucked into this but...... You mentioned earlier in the post that there are 7 billion people in the world. Technology is at the all time high, and there are more people to feed in the world than ever before. You have to understand, with higher populations, there has to be a balance met between wildlife and humans. Humans will always win in this situation. There has to be a happy medium met to where there is a healthy wildlife population, as well as an acceptable human tolerance of wildlife. It is not 1800 anymore. Hunting is the best tool for keeping wildlife numbers in check, and to keep the balance there. Am I saying what Lesnar did is right? No. I am a hunter as well, but with that comes responsibilities to take care of the game that you have taken. There are DNR/State biologist who do the research, make the number of license or tags available to the hunting public, and if there is 100% success in filling the tag of everything sold, there is still going to be a thriving wildlife population. It's not rocket science. As a farmer as well, I have to laugh at the point you made of eating meat from a factory farm. I am not a "factory farmer" as I raise the amount of live stock that my land can handle, and that is it. I would much rather eat something from the wild, than something from a factory farm. If you have every been to a chicken house or a hog confinement, then go through the steps of how they process and package the meat, I bet you would change your mind as well. Do I need to hunt to survive? Nope. Do I find a thrill in killing these "helpless" animals, which whom make a living by surviving in the wild, have the advantage over me, even though I have a weapon? Nope. But I do enjoy the outdoors, and I do enjoy hunting, and the meal that it provides for me at the end of the day is a bonus. As far as hunters not feeding the hungry, go ahead and google HUSH program in the state of Iowa. Then go ahead and tell me it is not a good program for families that are not so fortunate to have a ribeye steak on their plate every night.
  4. b_wright

    Is Paul Harris stupid?

    Did you really call him Paul Harris?
  5. That was seriously the worst song my ears have ever heard.
  6. You must work for UPS cause I can see you holding my package. Other than that one, I have nothing.
  7. You have Liddell with only 4 defenses, but he beat Sobral twice and Tito twice, meaning he had 6 title defenses to his name. Right? Or am I reading this wrong.
  8. b_wright

    Roy Nelson

    Roy's a great fighter, but I think JDS will stop him. However if he does get by JDS, he should fight the winner of Mir/Nog.
  9. I'm 200lbs and 5' 11''. A little overweight, but still have quite a bit of muscle. I usually like to be in that 185-190lb range.
  10. I started chatting with G-row back in the old tuff forum days. He was the P I M P there and still is to this day. Brewster was there as well, plus he has Kitsura fight gear, so he is major pimp status as well.
  11. Hey, this is a drunk thread, don't mess it up with your feminist bullshat. I love beer!
  12. Ive never seen a drunk so stupid while ive been thread.
  13. The GB is the hottest chick here :cool:
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