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  1. People that know me on here can vouch that im never wrong
  2. Deal, talk to u around midnight central time
  3. ok if i win you make your signature..( I lost a sig bet 2 the nastrodamous of mma KATIESLOVER
  4. 1.Lesnar tko round 1 2.kampmann sub round 2 3. tito decision 4.sanchez via murder dound 2 5.Gonzaga submission round 1
  5. And your avatar is a gay french canadian man...JAMES TONEY FTW
  6. This guy is so full of himself, he says the craziest things..he will most likely knock matt out though.
  7. Penn via tko Toney via Murder Florian via sub mia via sub Diaz via split decison
  8. He knows what hes about to do to the ufc's best fighters...knock them all out...all hail the next big thing in mma.
  9. If so please post a stream if u can, thanks
  10. Bs about what? I just watched the interview
  11. [My relationship with Dana White] was good I thought until the fight got signed. I guess Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell are his girlfriends, so you know, it is what it is. If he don?t like me, **** him. But you know what, after the fight, since he?s been running his mouth lately like a little parrot, I?m gonna knock his **** out too right after the fight. He getting it. Dana White, your **** getting it. I ain?t playing with you. I might get you at the weigh-in if you get in my goddamn face. I ain?t playing with you man? However you want it, you gonna get it? I don?t give a ****. **** Dana White? You ran your mouth at the wrong dude. I?m not Rashad Evans. I?m not Quinton Jackson. I?m not gonna kiss your ****. I?m gonna beat your ****. You can?t talk to me like I?m a *****, I?m gonna show you.
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