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  1. so ya just pretend to be ignorant? man, that's genius!
  2. finally.... men figured this out.... only took thousands of years... (and men clam to be the dominate ones)
  3. too funny!!!! i knew who your were gonna say before i even opened the thread!
  4. i tried to tweet... and failed... too stupid to figure it out i guess
  5. i am sure there is no age limit. if there was... they would have to tell you when you order your tickets. i am planning to take my ten year old if i go.
  6. go to your profile, click "about me"..... under that on your right you will see the option. (i think you have to delete your old one first though)
  7. i may be wrong, but i thought i saw shawn thompkins (sp) on stage.... thought he retired... but must still be working with randy?
  8. tito/shamrock lol... j/k cardinals/cubs not sure why.... the cards are awesome and the cubs never do anything
  9. most definitely! i actually saw the wienermobile driving down the street one day... maybe that is where it was going???
  10. world's largest catsup bottle... not too far from where i live
  11. i met one of my bf's in a mens restroom
  12. yeah... this was my fav! also like pete sell / scott smith forrest/silva was hilarious
  13. i would choose c. how could that not be enjoyable?
  14. this is an actual game called "zobmondo"... i bought it many years ago when it first came out. here is a choice from the 1st card i pulled out.... would you rather... a. lick the entire floor of a men's room b. drink all the water from the ladies' room toilets
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