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  1. also dont forget the ex pride guy big nogg was ufc champ lmao also if u consider the fact anderson silva was an ex pride guy also rampage and shogun lmao just think before u speak
  2. seriously cain isnt impressive to anyone who really paid attention to his fights he relys on his wrestling too much even if he takes nogg down he will easily flip him over and be in top mount fight over.or if he tries to stand noggs boxing has improved ten fols and cain has the hands of a light weight and im not talkin speed he has no power in his hands and his chin is questionable kongo shoulds ko'd him if he had any ground game to force it to keep it standing he would have lol.cain is gonna get exposed as the over hyped ufc golden spoon hw he has no reason to be considered as top ten in any book.
  3. all i have to say is dont doubt crocop if he TRULY is training at his highest potential and is MOTIVATED again then people are in trouble.seriously in his prime crocop is a high k-1 level striker who hits hard with his hands and sends people to the cemetary with his feet lol.i hope he makes a good run in his last fights its sad to see the old legends when they just get runned down.oh and cain is gonna get slaughtered by nogg seriously with ease.
  4. wow people like u should shoot yourself seriouslyafraidor come one u must be a cack chestner fan lmao
  5. like already stated silva wont fight machida his time at lhw is a joke its a move to fulfill his last fights bacause there are no conteneders left at middleweight.only rematches and boring fights with submission guys.anderson will keep ko ing scrubd until he retires.its a ploy to help the p4p banter i could care less if he kos more lhw scrubs like irvin and griffin he needs to fight the best at middle weight not the gatekeepers at lhw
  6. THE WHOLE BAD JUDGING AND IDIOT REFEREE TOPIC HAS BEEN A HOTT ONE ALWAYS BUT IT SEEMS AS OF LATE IT HAS BUBBLED UP TO THE SURFACE SO MUCH THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT HERE IS A REALLY THOUGHT OUT BLOG ON THIAT VERY TOPIC..ITS A GOOD READ A LITTLE LON THE FOLLOWING IS DETAILS ABOUT BIG JOHN MCCARTHYS REFEREE PROGRAM THAT I BELIEVE SHOULD EITHER BE MANDATORY OR A GUIDELINE FOR THE CREATION OF A SYSTEM THAT WOULD BE ENFORCED FOR ALL REFEREES AND JUDGES IN NOT ONLY THE UFC BUT ALL MMA ....... THE FOLLOWING IS BIG JOHNS CERTIFIATION COURSE OR C.O.M.M.A.N.D CERTIFICATION OF OFFICIALS OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT THE COURSE IS BROKEN DOWN INTO THREE AREAS PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO PASS 90% IN ALL THREE AREAS TO EARN CERTIFICATION.AS IT STANDS TODAY THERE IS A 75% FAILURE RATE,AS PARTICIPANTS SIMPLY DO NOT MAKE THE GRADE TO OFFICIATE OR JUDGE MMA WOULD BE REFEREES MUST KNOW AND IDENTIFY 25 TAKEDOWNS,35 SUBMISSIONS,25 POSITIONS AND 7 SWEEPS,REVERSALS AND TRANSITIONS.THEY ALSO MUST KNOW THE UNIFIED RULES OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS INSIDE AND OUT.. AFTER THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE MENTIONED MOVES AND KEEN KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIFIED RULES THE PARTICIPANTS ARE TRAINED AND TESTED IN RING/CAGE MECHANICS.THIS IS COMPRISED OF WHAT IS REQUIRED BY AN OFFICICAL BEFORE/DURING/AND AFTER A FIGHT.[WHICH IS HUGE IN WHEN REFFEREEING]BUT DOZENS OF OTHER VARIABLES THAT ARE KEY TO THE SAFETY OF THE ATHLETES THAT PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE.... ALL OF THIS KNOWLEDGE IS ESSENTIAL FOR ONE TO BE PROFICIENT IN OFFICIATING AND WITHOUT IT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW COMMISIONS AROUND THE WORLD ALLOW MEN AND WOMAN TO STEP INTO A RING/CAGE AND REF WITHOUT PROVING THEY HAVE THIS TYPE OF KNOWLEDGE. FKA'S OPINION....... It would seem as though we?re finally starting to see the issues of officiating, judging, and bout scoring come to the front of the MMA hot topic list. Just ask yourself: what good are the rules and regulations that MMA has put into place - those designed to protect the health and integrity of the sport and its fighters - if the individuals enforcing them are incompetent or unqualified? Yes, the sport is growing - and that?s great for a lot of reasons - but the flip side of that growth is the increasing complexity of the issues surrounding governing, regulation, officiating, and judging. MMA cannot afford to rest and just let things ride out the way they are things are becoming apparent so that even a novice fan could notice somethings not right , it must adapt to the many new challenges that it faces, including the issues of consistent officiating and judging. And, believe me, as MMA ventures more and more into the mainstream, the quality of officiating and judging WILL become an issue. Look no further than the MMA competitions of the last week: the awful officiating displays at Strikeforce; the late stoppage in the Rizzo-Yvel fight; or the controversy of Tibau-Guillard, Guida-Sanchez, and Blackburn-Garcia. While I?m not yet prepared to say that ?Big? John?s COMMAND is the answer - not that his course probably isn?t the best out there right now - I will say that a universal testing and certification program for both officials and judges is something of a no-brainer. It would afford the sport, its fighters, and its fans the consistency that they?ve all been longing for. It would also help to further cement the legitimacy of the sport in the eyes of its critics. NOW ITS TAKEN A WHILE TO PUT THIS TOGETHER AND I KNOW THIS IS A HOTT TOPIC AMONGST DIE HARDS I KNOW I PERSONALLY HAVE BEEN PICKING APART THE JUDGING FOR QUITE A WHILE I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR SOME COMMENTS ON THIS AND WHAT YOU GUYS THINK OF THE TOPIC......
  7. wow arlovskiako you sound kinda like u think your better then everyone...... you dont know that much more then anyone else so why the hell do u deserve anything you dont own this site or do anything accept gang up with your buddies on new people to feel like u know something.your a senior member thats it who cares its not like anyone else gives a crap about that so quit whining.oh yeah arlovski still sucks thats why brett rodgers knocked his gay **** out in under a min and affliction didnt resign cuz hes garbage and so are your threads!
  8. um u need spell check or a high school deploma bro
  9. ok alot of people dont remember cuz (a) they didnt watch wwe or ( they dont care lol but after the death of chris benoit there was a huge break down on steroid use in the wwe during this it was exposed to the federal government a list of people who failed random drug testing throughout the life of there careers.the wwe since they werent a real sport or anything wasnt required to perform tests but when they did do tests they also werent required to turn in the results to the government but they did keep records. among the names on the lists were your hulk hogans john cenas ric flairs etc and of course duh duh duh duh our current ufc hw champ **** chestnar.shortly after the suicide murder of chris benoits family they cracked down on steroids and the list was handed to the federal government.so theres your proof right there he used to use them why wouldnt he now?
  10. Oh for sure and that would be fireworks i cant wait also gomi is lookin to sign a deal in the states either affliction or ufc cant wait to see how that goes
  11. After 2 consecutive first round ko's by fedor and brett rodgers arlovski is now a free agent after his contract with affliction expired.i think hes either going to stay at the bottom of strikeforce ranks or go to japan where he still might make money in a dream super hulk tournament otherwise known as an mma sideshow lol.he doesnt have the chin to hang with the elite anymore. Next vitor belfor may be coming back to the octagon soon imagine vitor against couture and all the other great match ups at that weight.i see vitor making a good dent in the ufc ranks maybe not champion right away but definantely more then a gate keeper.interesting side fact do u know why vitor stopped fighting mma th the height of his career seemingly out of no where?????? His sister was kidnapped and murdered and he was so distrought he took a couple years to try and find the murderers but then after rededicating his career to the memory of his sister he came back to rain down a fists in bunches lol goD speed vitor godspeed haha
  12. barnett could probly beat alot of the ufc hw division he is a good hw beating fedor although is nearly impossible.chuck norris checks for fedor under his bed before he goes to sleep at night.
  13. lol for sure turk sucks bad but the really slow start and lack luster performance isnt sayin much for crocop
  14. now that would be ratings and he could show all the non believers how to out class no talent chumps and win a contract with ease lmao.then get a title shot at **** chestnar and reign supreme over the hw division possible dropping to lhw oooooohhhh my all the sweet match ups that would make.....
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