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  1. Dmtl

    GSP Poll

    your avatar turns me on
  2. Dmtl

    Jake Shields a cheater?

    to me it's weird because he was aiming for the left eye with the fingers its very clearly noticeable.
  3. Dmtl

    Jake Shields a cheater?

    munkie he is trolling you...he's just mad his bro Silva is scared to face Jon jones.
  4. Why won't Anderson fight Jon Jones? Is he scared to lose? Why won't Anderson move up and fight competition he should have been facing his entire career?
  5. Dmtl

    Jake Shields a cheater?

    Blatant eye poke. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEDAHzU5sr4&feature=player_embedded
  6. huh what were those TDs by GSP then and how many did Shields get....I cant remember please enlighten us.
  7. nah he needs ti revitalize his way of thinking yes he is winning but if he keeps this up even I who's a huge gsp fan will start to reconsider why he's still doing this.
  8. Dmtl

    My thoughts

    bump simply because im pissed
  9. nah he doesnt need to move up, he needs to work on losing respect for people and tearing them a new butthole
  10. it's a good point and im surprised GSP didn't do it as thats what he noprmally does I think he respected Shields too much.
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