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  1. dana is a pathetic piece of trash. his ufc is nowhere close to the reputable mma source it used to be. the numbers don't make them the most accurate source, but the best source for manipulating people. strikeforce is doing mma much more reasonably, not to say they wouldn't turn rotten for the money too but it is what it is. the fighters they're signing, the way they're grooming fighters on showtime, and putting on free shows with good class. look at who ufc's been getting, brock, kimbo, tito, frank trigg, phil baroni, clay guida, junie browning. and gsp gettting stroked after greasing. he's probably on a quick cycle while out from his injury. the crap dana's pulled with rampage... seeing a pattern here, anything to sell ppv's. not quality mma. more like a frat. it's all bad, unless it happens in the ufc frat, now it's all of a sudden acceptable. and herschel is probably accurate in saying that he could go thru all the hw's on tuf. what a huge disgrace tuf has turned out to be. at first, a brilliant idea. but really not much to show for it. unless ur somehow convinced that rashad evans and kieth jardine and forrest griffin are top lhw's. all right, now dana could have signed fedor. and dana could have signed a network deal. and dana could have been airing all the ufc prelims on spike tv before the ppv's. if he really gave a crap about the fans. which he acts as though he does. like he's the mma savior. i'll always give him the credit for what he's done. but he's turned bad, and it is what it is. he's not the face of mma we need now. he's become something much worse. he's running his brand like, his competition is racing to getting richer than some ridiculously rich people who he feels he needs to best. like he's on a quest to show these rich people how much better he is than them. he wouldn't just be a true fan of the sport as well as a business man and get his kicks in the cage, or skydiving, and simply enjoy the success he's made in his life and what he's brought fans worldwide. he's clearly lost his mind. and money has completely taken control of his position to run the ufc. what a joke dana, everything you've done lately. you're the joke. pathetic. strikeforce- fedor vs rogers, shields vs miller, gegard mousasi on network television nov 7th. thats good stuff. not this tuf crap, and horribly failed attempts to best flloyd mayweather at what he does better than anyone. who is dana to have said that flloyd isn't a superstar and no one wants to watch him fight? is this really something the ufc sheep fans have fallen in love with?? is supporting this crap the way to pass initiation into the official diehard ufc fraternity?? tito ortiz?? is that worth another $44.95??
  2. roy has to get thru danny green, and assuming he does they said first quarter of 2010. still a ways away but plenty of time to hype it up. should be good for boxing.
  3. this deal should have been made years ago. if they could have just agreed on a 50/50 split and make a side bet. but anyways, finally after 16 years we will see what they have for eachother. i'm very excited about this, and think b-hop will have some heavy shots for roy this time. i don't think roy has the speed to flash his way thru another 12 round decision win at this stage of his career against a dangerous and healthy old b-hop.
  4. ? ? When Rashad got knocked out [by Machida at UFC 98], I told them I wanted to fight Machida for the belt, but Dana told me if I coach TUF against Rashad that I could fight Machida afterwards cause this was a different type of Ultimate Fighter show they were doing,? Jackson wrote. ?After I signed the contract, Dana then changes his mind and says I have to fight Rashad and even told me what to say in the press and so my fans think I was scared to fight Machida. After all that, I still never complained and I did it all.? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA laughing my f'in head off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i wanna get a shirt that says Strikeforce on the front, and F*** UFC!! on the back.
  6. hells yeah. ur right on. good thread. cheers.
  7. hey dana, remember on sept 15th 2009 when u said "by this day next year we'll be on network television" and how u wanna "give back to the fans by putting ufc on network tv just like they did with boxing back in the day..." and blah blah blah, all ur usual crap that comes out of ur mouth these days. ...and then 2 days later, Strikeforce announced the debut of Fedor LIVE on CBS nov 7th!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~!!! then the video of u talking all soft. sounded like u had some salt in ur mouth, u couldn't talk like ur usual self. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ur such a ddddddoooooooooooooooooooooshbag dana. now the commission has denied the license for Big John Mcarthy in NV. what a joke. Gauranteed he'll be there to be the best referree in the business on Nov 7th. ur reality show is pathetic. I hope Herschel Walker comes in, in incredible condition, and ur stupid character ex-nfl player's turned mma fighters on TUF 10 are ridiculous jokes. and roy nelson pops kimbo's head off with his fat lard. I wanna spit in ur face and take back the money i paid for all the ufc's i've ever supported for the crap that was ufc 94. ur greasegate posterboy, go stroke his groin it hurts. and ur hairy caveman totally unskilled **** treehugging party-pooper up and coming fraud-contender clay lay n pray guida. i hope baroni gets taken down for 3 rounds of the most booring ufc action on a ppv card. and tito holds people down for 3 rounds to win fights. and u signed trigg, when he couldn't even get passed robbie lawler 2 years ago in japan. what were u thinking??? that his name will sell more ppv's???? of course u were d*ckhead. how about cartos conduit getting that decision. can u say FIX!!!!!!!!!!!! FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's no wonder big john was denied his license. dana's obviously connected with the commission and they (like a bunch of 8 year old kids in a sandbox) don't like him right now cause he's been saying it how it is lately. and how it is- is the ufc has been full of sh*t lately. u can't believe a word that comes out of dana's mouth. like he was gonna sign fedor. good job buddy. thanks for giving back to the fans on that one. we're supposed to support ur fight?? the fans are the biggest losers. i couldn't care less who he's signed with, i just wanna see him fight. PERIOD. and chuck would retire. yeah, right on. who are u?? his wife?? and silva WILL fight machida even though they're friends. for what?? more money?? no dana, not everyone thinks the way you do you scum bucket. and you'd never sign kimbo, he's a joke. now u and kimbo are holding hands, and possibly holding something else of eachothers too.... gauranteed he does NOT win the show and STILL gets a ufc contract. and u signed tito after u bashed him like a brett rogers train running ur boy arlovski over at bullet train speed. after u said u'd like to resign arlovski. HAHA, it seemed like u would rather kill tito then sign him, then all of a sudden it's like "Dana White and Tito Ortiz have officially said sorry to eachother". how did u say it??? "i'm sowwy fow what i said tito, will u be my fwiend again pweeeeease tito pweeeeeeeeeeease......." and i still can't get over how u hyped up clay guida's next fight by saying he came off a "HUGE!" win over nate diaz. UR SUCH A FRAUD!!! i can see right thru you. all ur new fans may think ur the hot sh*t, but i've seen how you've changed. i know what a scumbag you've become. it's true. money is the root. it has made you a puppet. you are not the same dana white who popularized the sport. you're now the scumbag who's trying to own it. as if you've invented. A THIEF!! PROMOTING MMA IS A FREE ENTERPRISE!! AMERICA IS A FREE COUNTRY AND MMA IS A WORLD SPORT!!! NO WHERE DID IT EVER BECOME KNOWN THAT THE UFC AND DANA WHITE ARE THE ONLY ONE'S WHO CAN PROMOTE THE SPORT OF 2 TRAINED MEN FIGHTING IN THE DISCIPLINES OF MIXED MARTIAL ARTS!!!! i said this years ago when elite xc first came on showtime. i told my brother, who's a big boxing fan, that with mma on showtime, they'd become bigger than hbo. there's still a loooong ways to go. i think it'll come to pass. and also, like the nfl and afl of old, strikeforce will send shockwaves into the sporrt of mma and prove that ufc is just a fad. the sport is way bigger than dana's mouth and tricks. eventually there will have to be a superbowl of mma, with the best of the best from strikeforce and ufc, and fate will do what it does and help the major underdog strikeforce will shatter ufc's supremacy and bring them down to where they need to be. how bout earth. wow. that's a vent.
  8. i just bought my digital tv converter box. Nov 7th STRIKEFORCE IN THE HOUSE BABY!! Strikeforce a BIG (dana white size "HUGE!!") win over ufc. Strikeforce 1 ufc 0 love it.
  9. sounds to me like dana is pretty close with kizer. seems like dana got the message thru to kizer before fight night last week. "we want to make this carlos conduit kid a contender cause he's got a wec championship background and we can easily promote him. but he can't even beat bums in ufc so can u help us get him a win?? pleeeeease?? pretty pleeeeeeease?????"
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