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  1. GSP is an amazing fighter. He's very intelligent. He does NOT make foolish mistakes! His game plans and executions are becoming legendary. Folks what we saw tonight was a fighter who knows how to dissect his opponents and than impose his will onto them. He may not be a KO artist like most fans would love for him to be, but he puts on amazing mma fights, and he destroys guys. 50-45. Took no damage. Dominated. NO KO boo hoo.
  2. I'll give Koscheck all the credit he deserves if he manages to snap up GSP's belt. The task is ridokulously difficult given GSP is riding a 7 fight win streak since his loss to Serra in early 2007. GSP and Koscheck have gone full circle. Koscheck has definitely imo improved since their last fight. However I would bet my house on GSP to beat Koscheck again. Lol.
  3. 1fan4fun

    Gerald Harris Cut

    Amazingly retarded and ignorant cut of Gerald Harris by Dana "I only want robot fighters" White. Look, I get it. The roster can't have a lot of dead weight fighters. There's just not enough roster space to go around for everybody. The company has to make cuts. That said Gerald Harris is 3-1 now in the UFC with 3 wins by way of tko/ko. As for Gerald's recent loss vs. Falcao. Obviously Falcao is an extremely dangerous fighter. You could criticize Harris for being a little too cautious in his last fight. But Harris would have to be simple jack to go straight at Falcao and attack him recklessly. The fight was boring but that's also Falcao's fault too. Everyone wants to counter punch and that can create stalemates. I'm not even going to touch on the RNC scandal for the moment. What I want to know is why in the heck do you let go a 3-1 fighter who had one bad night, and keep guys like Tito Ortiz who is 0-4-1 in the ufc in his last 5 ufc fights? Zuffa fighter bias has prevailed again. For the love of the sport, Zuffa, I think you can afford to keep a guy who has 17-3 career record and only one bad fight in the UFC. This is probably just a case of Dana sending a warning single throughout the UFC roster that if you disappoint, even once, you're Strikeforce's problem.
  4. I was cheering for Marcus Davis. But Nate outclassed him virtually the entire fight. Sure Marcus got a few shots through Diaz's defense, but not nearly enough. I have a bad feeling that the "Irish hand grenade" may get cut from this performance. I mean if you're gonna cut Ben Saunders for insufficient wrestling pedigree, you might as well cut Marcus Davis - a boxer, for insufficient striking and imagination. He got dominated by Diaz in a stand up battle. And then he got tapped out. I like Davis I hope he doesn't get cut, but he seems to have hit the wall. I don't think he's going to get much better.
  5. Maynard has a nearly perfect game plan. He will almost never strike first. Sometimes he counter-punches. He doesn't shoot often he is patient and will wait for he opponent to make a mistake. He explodes when he shoots and almost always completes the take down. He will stay on top and work enough GnP to keep the fight on the ground. Basically from there on it's just submission defense and stalling. Unanimous Decision Maynard style. Damn is he good at it though.
  6. I wasn't impressed with Lentz win. I thought Winner did more damage in the fight. But he was stuck on the cage stuffing wrestling take downs most of the fight. And Lentz completed a few of them winning the fight. Soft ground and pound by Lentz. The whole fight was a basically just a showcase of Winner's decent take down defense. Yet the judges count up the take downs and virtually nothing else. Lentz wins easily in a very unremarkable fight. I guess it's just the nature of the beast in MMA. Stopping take downs is one of the most important things a striker will require in MMA. Oh sure there is a lot more but if you really want to be a striker in MMA, take down defense is crucial.
  7. First shot leads to instant take down,to a nearly instant- full mount, ground and pound to arm triangle finish. Damn Toney you never even had a chance to enjoy the beating. That was too quick. It's like seeing a fish out of water. Flip-flip-flip
  8. Ok I gotta say I doubted Edgar could repeat his performance. I thought BJ was going to win. I was wrong. Edgar proved me wrong with his dominant 50-45 UD over Penn. I give the Champ all the respect he deserves, and I'm sorry I didn't offer that respect fully after the first fight. Edgar is the man at 155. He is the true UFC LW champ. He is BJ's kryptonite. I must admit that I was stunned that BJ Penn failed to adapt a NEW strategy for the fight. I honestly felt like he would make the adjustments necessary to negate Edgar's stick and move game. BJ failed to entertain a new game plan until about the fourth round when he got a take down. Why on earth didn't Penn attempt a grappling game early in the fight? I don't know why he just ALLOWED Edgar to stick in move, stick and shoot, and use his AMAZING speed and footwork to literally keep BJ off balance the whole fight. I'm amazed that Penn's camp didn't attempt a new strategy. While Penn did get a take down late in the fight, and had a back mount triangle, and almost switched it to a full mount which could have lead to the win for Penn, his inability to adapt his strategy was the flaw in his armor. His 1 dimensional approach, (stalk and bang + stuff take downs) failed miserably twice now. Edgar's (High energy, speedy footwork, stick and move, random take down) strategy was WAY more dynamic than Penn's approach. And for it Penn loses his chance to regain the belt for several fights and possibly forever. I'd love to see Penn get a feisty corner man. A real MMA coach who can challenge him. Ahem. Great job Frankie. Good luck stopping the Maynard train. Mr. Gray 'Patience' Maynard will be a real tough test. Maynard has a very very different style than Penn. It will be a tactical war for sure.
  9. You forgot All of the Above. All of the fighters in the poll are professional talented well-liked fighters. They're all ambassadors of MMA. And they are excellent fighters. I say all of em are good role models.
  10. If you read the article carefully rather than just reading the title you see that Dana is non-committal about a rematch. he said "It's definitely a rematch I think people are going to want to see," White said after the event "Looking at Twitter, everybody is saying, 'Rematch. Rematch.' We'll see what happens. Vitor is waiting to fight right now, too. We could do the rematch with Chael, but we'll see what happens. We'll see how it goes." Sure rematch is being spit around the forums a lot, but Dana didn't say it IS for sure. Me I think a rematch is unwarranted. Chael had a great first round, nobody is saying he didn't own that first round. He did. But he layed and prayed for 17 minutes from round 2-5 at the 3 minute mark he finally gets triangled by an injured Anderson Silva. Chael's lay n pray is as boring as it gets. I'd rather watch paint dry than hear Chael talk all the smack and sit in Silva's guard for 25 minutes praying that he doesn't get submitted or cut open. Sonnen had 23 minutes to finish Silva and the best he could do is bleed on him and box his ears. Pathetic. Anderson did more damage from the bottom than Sonnen did from the top. I'd actually respect Sonnen if he had some EFFECTIVE ground and pound but all he has is semi-effective lay n pray. I'd rather see Vitor Belfort get a shot, frankly. But whatever if UFC wants to try the Sonnen v. Silva 2 fight, all I can see is submission or KO Silva. Chael aint got a chance. He never did. ** I read the article again. It implies the rematch will happen immediately. What I quoted Dana saying, from the article was actually a quote taken directly after the rematch. Apparently Dana does want to do the rematch next. But I'd like to see a quote of his that confirms it. The article says that he confirmed it but doesn't show the relevant quote. I hope it doesn't happen again. Lol crossing fingers. **
  11. IMO, the only guys capable of stopping the Fitch Train are guys who can out wrestle him. Even if you're a wrestler who wants to KO Fitch, you're better off not striking with him because when he gets a hold of you, he doesn't let go. I wanna call him Jon "Velcro" Fitch.
  12. When Dos Anjos tapped out I was initially upset that a BJJ guy would tap without being in a tight choke. Of course now we know that he broke his jaw in the first round off of a nice punch by Guida, and he gutted it out risking further injury for the next couple of rounds until Guida was able to use some very nice shoulder pressure on his face against the cage, forcing Rafael to withdraw. Dos Anjos showed a lot of courage hanging in there and trying to win once that jaw was broken in the first and I won't fault him for tapping when Guida was driving the shoulder into his broken jaw. I wish the fight wouldn't have ended that way, but it did and in MMA unexpected things happen. Clay did a good job of bringing the heat and he deserves his props for "finishing" Rafael with a shoulder press.
  13. All I can say about this fight is that Hughes showed his quality again. Beautiful left hook turns into an immediate submission. Matt Hughes proving once again, that he is still a very dangerous welterweight.
  14. Yeh JDS hands looked great again. Nelson showed everyone again that he is a very intelligent fighter who can take a good punch and survive. Infact Nelson had opportunities to KO Cigano, but he never landed the bombs that he threw. Nelson used a very good high guard to block JDS' dangerous hands for most of the fight. But it was too little. He was mainly just a punching bag that threw back the occasional haymaker. JDS is lucky he didn't get tagged by one of Nelson's bombs. But Nelson is also lucky that he didn't get KOed by some of JDS assaults especially in the first round. I enjoyed the fight. And like others have said, JDS is going to have very real problems in the wrestling realm when he faces winner of Cain v. Lesnar. I don't believe that this boxing specialist will do very good against elite Div 1. wrestlers. I'd like to see him KO Cain or Lesnar, but lets face it. You can't KO dudes fighting on your back eating nasty ground and pound all day.
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