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  1. shawnb-1

    Polar Bear vs Crocadile

    facinating discorse in this thread
  2. shawnb-1

    I will destroy any of you in MMA

    you will be held down, and slowly, lovingly, and painfully be sodomized by me against your will
  3. shawnb-1

    Ninja Assasin

    Anyone seen this movie? cuz my buddy is in town and wants to check it out tomorrow. Worth it?
  4. shawnb-1

    MMA Bloodbaths

    Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6EsGwWTOo8
  5. shawnb-1

    2012 Like it?

    For those who've seen the move 2012, who liked it? I thought it was absolutely awesome.
  6. shawnb-1

    Which Pic Am I Cuter In

    Just need some help, thanks. this..... or this
  7. shawnb-1

    My Fail Thread Game

    My turn for a failed thread. Post your pic for a specific member example....Hey Go_Hard............
  8. shawnb-1

    Kimbo Rules!

    Yes he does folks
  9. shawnb-1

    CJL & Mean Gurl

    Same Person? :p:p
  10. shawnb-1

    Sealing the Deal

    Everyone has moves when it comes to the ladies. What is your patented seal the deal move? I'll give a classic move. If you want a load of laundy done or you wanna seal the deal, start off by ironing the curtains. Most women in my experience rather enjoy this and really don't want it to stop. Take this oppurtunity to wriggle outta your pants, try not to be real obvious. Once you are ready, do a quick transition to a north south position. This sets up forced reciprocation. Don't do the laundry at the risk of the curtains not being ironed. Once all the ironing and laundry is being done, sealing the deal is usually a cinch. Oh ladies, yes, you can use this move on men as well.
  11. shawnb-1

    For Mr_Go_Hard

    Because I know you like booty shakin' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IFjg-YpMPg
  12. more brain benders