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  1. facinating discorse in this thread
  2. you will be held down, and slowly, lovingly, and painfully be sodomized by me against your will
  3. I dunno, i heard such great things but i was like.... meh so was the wife
  4. I was dissapointed in the hangover. zach and miri make a ****o ftmfw!!!
  5. rick astley - never gonna give you up
  6. i wanna be a vampire that glitters.........oh wait......no.....that would mean i love the ****
  7. "to all the girls i've loved before"
  8. whispers come a little closer closer **FARTS**
  9. Can I post pics too? Me at work......
  10. Sorry, but I have a problem with the "take it like a man, we are weaker than you" arguement. I don't hit women, but I am perfectly within my rights to if I was struck. There is something women do not have today, accountability. I would not go and pick a fight with a grizzly bear, then call "no fair" when the bear mauled me. Thing is, I know better, because I have a sense of consequences, which this "never hit a woman" principle has deprived women of. When a toddler hits me, I spank him/her on the bum. When my dog poops in the house, he gets a spanking. When a woman attacks violently..........nothing?? What in the world would make a woman beyond reproach for her actions? I know this sounds harsh, but I firmly believe it would be helpful if every woman got seriously punched in the face by a man early in there lives. Most men have, and it has instilled a sense of "watch your step, because there are repurcussions" in them. How often have you seen a guy trying to walk away from a potential violent and dangerous scene being outnumbered 5 to 1 and his girlfriend is STILL yelling and throwing a show at the group of guys? The woman most likely get curbed stomped for her mouth, the guy will. This false sense of security women have about how men will react to being hit is VERY dangerous for women. You will one day push the wrong button, and something very, very bad will happen. Bottom line, don't be violent.
  11. one other thing, alot of people will see a demonstration of a technique and think it unrealistic because of a the way the attacker falls. ppl see the attacker flipping over and assume the teacher flipped him with one hand. in reality, the student is deliberately flipping his body to avoid the pain of the hold and avoiding injury. lets think, roll with the hold or get your arm broke....hmmmmmm
  12. Aikido, in a purely technical sense, stems from Jujitsu and sword arts such as Samurai. Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba, became a religious man which is when he brought spiritual ideals to coincide with the arts he learned growing up and created his own art, Aikido. You will see many Judo throws. The basic stance is that of Samurai holding a sword. There are many joint locks as well.
  13. well, we may be standing there for quite some time waiting for the other to attack
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