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  1. this site would be much more amusing if the swear filter wasnt preventing funny pics to be shown :mad:
  2. Hot Laundry is a beautiful wonderful term that is all
  3. AND...............Jamie Pressly
  4. i thought you were quoting joe dirt, if not....my bad
  5. Canadians go nuts on boxing day......no black friday here
  6. **looks down** **blames small unit on G_row** thanks dad :mad:
  7. ah yes they do. one of the few things i do not kid about. my mother is amazing, and i owe much to her. that is why she gets a fathers day card too
  8. i would also like to toss out tha i have worked in a bar for over 10 years i could to nasty nasty things to a bottle of jagermiester
  9. Alcohol also make men love other men eg "I love You Man" (i admit being guilty of this) it also makes women cry uncontrollably. eg "you dont think im sexy" (no i just think you're a sloppy mess)
  10. if you spin a bottle the liquid inside creates a type of whirlpool and pours out really fast.
  11. I would take up cause and fight if you were banned for this amazing jewel of a thread btype
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