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  1. Have you found the recipe yet for those stuffed jalapenos that you did on the BBQ with the pork and cheese in them? I've been waiting about 6 years for you to post that recipe back up... Buster burger combo or Ultimate burger combo? Man, I haven't cooked in years. I really forget. I also quit eating fast food but I still throw bombs outside of the San Antonio Dairy Queens.
  2. I don't drink anymore. But I used to regulary drink the biggest drinker in MMA under the table. Im also better looking and tougher than you so I win on all accounts.
  3. Oh and I forgot. TUF will feature the last fighter ever to be a part of TEAM GB. I haven't watched that show in years. What channel is it on?
  4. I know I'd say I'd never leave the forum again but I honesly keep forgetting about this place. I was having a converstaion today with UFC fighter Leonard Garcia (he's in town and crashing at my house) and he asked me why the GB hasn't returned to MMA. I laughed and let Leonard the sport has changed way too much for the GB's liking. I let him know that the fans are more like groupies and that any sport that allows women to compete is not a sport. The only place a woman should compete is in the kicthen and against a clock. If dinner isn't served by 5:30pm then chalk it up as a loss. Anyway, the GB is back to answer any of your questions so feel free to ask away. (Mods, this is a UFC related thread so any deletion or moving of this thread will NOT be tolerated)
  5. Did you pay your corner man to do your celebration dance after you won in Russia? I know pro wrestlers have managers that do their talking but this has to be a first. Btw it was horrible and you should have fired him on the spot.
  6. Any Hall of Famers on this forum? Or just fans and a few "fighters" that headline at the local Indian Casino?
  7. I am TheGoldenBoy. I was also known as THE REAL Paul Buentello when I was serving one of my 7 lifetime bans.
  8. I hope to make some friends and talk about my favorite sport the UFC!
  9. Oh yeah, had another friend fight for the Pride championship. We weren't best friends though.
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