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  1. He/we are not talking about finances, were talking about silverware.
  2. Yeah I check the table, Chelsea are top. Been 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 20th doesn't win you the league, only 1st does. So whats your point? You could be 2nd and Liverpool 19th or 20th the facts would still be the same, you got banged 3 times by us in a year and a half, and your not gunna win the league....... your season will be just as pointless as ours, your dreaming if you think you have the squad to win the Champions League, and I think Chelsea have the easier run of games in the Premier League too.... As for the League Cup.........yawn.
  3. Wanna tell me what the score was Liverpool v Man Utd this season? Typical Utd fan, memory span of a gold fish...... Last season: Liverpool 2 - 1 Man Utd Man Utd 1 - 4 Liverpool This season: Liverpool 2 - 0 Man Utd Thats a total of 8 goals scored against scum and 2 conceded in the last year and a half? GIGGLE
  4. Well I hope Joe Silva reads this
  5. Kinda wish I'd added a poll now, to get an idea on numbers, but the way I see it is "if it aint broken don't fix it". I think the Octagon is fine the way it is, and I hope it stays this way..
  6. Part of an interview with Yahoo Sports Dana mentions possible cage alterations... Dunno if I wanna see this happen or not......I like things the way they are.... Thoughts?
  7. Not just the finish of the fight, but the fact he fell over before he got hit about 1 minute into the fight, at first it looked like he slipped, but then in the replays he literally took a dive before even getting hit, then he threw a headkick, and fell, and had a glazed look in his eyes, again, I thought maybe he banged his head on the mat when he fell, replay shows him take no damage what so ever, then just lay and refuse to put his hands up till Franklin TKO'd him...... Theres alot of talk about that fight, it was the first ever card live on TV, people say it was rigged to make the sport look exciting, and to show how fights are finished in MMA (purely because they could never have predicted the war Bonnar & Griffin had 5 minutes before).... Others say Shamrock was just simply past it.... I think he threw the fight, but i'm not sure I want to belive it was for the above reason, if he didn't throw the fight and i'm wrong, it was just a very, very strange way to fight & lose..
  8. My views are, this guy will make more money/has made more money than the majority of us will ever get close to, he could feed his family and pay his kids through college 3 times over, people with much, much less manage just fine, I personally got fed up of hearing the same excuse whenever hard fights or this so called acting career is brought up, I liked Rampage, but his decision making and excuses are terrible... He didn't wanna fight the best. He's not an actor, did anyone else see Never Surrender? 99.9% of people I spoke to switched that **** off... Wasted talent.. fighting talent that is..
  9. I lost all respect for Ken Shamrock when he blatently threw the fight against RIch Franklin, the guy would have been sparked for sure vs Kimbo..
  10. Brock Lesnar : Who will beat him? - Shane Carwin maybe? I'm just giving a realistic answer, as the chances of the UFC signing Fedor or getting worse and worse... Georges St-pierre : should move up weight class yes or no? - Yes, theres nothing for him at Welterweight at the moment, in my opinion. Anderson Silva : Retire undefated in ufc yes or no? - Yes. But not yet. Rampage : Future champ or Future oscar award? - Neither, this whole "I need to feed my family" ******** has gone on long enough, he has more money now than I, or my parents will ever have, and they do just fine. He's ducking Machida (I don't blame him) and he can't act, if you've seen that stupid **** they made "Never Surrender" or some crap, enough said. Bisping : Overated or Great? - Neither, I don't think the majority ever rated him for him to now suddenly be over rated for getting KO'd by Hendo Kimbo : Chump or Fighter? - Fighter, you can't even debate this, he fights, therefore, he's a fighter. Chuck dancing : Good or Bad? - I'm English, so won't see it, but if it's what he wants to do, good luck to him Chuck returning to octagon : right or wrong? - I think he can still hang with some guys, but he shouldn't think about going on a "road to the title" run. Randy Couture : Should he still be fighting? - Yes, he did great against Brock, looked a little off it against Nog, he needs the right fights, i'm not sure if he should do 6 though Tito Ortiz : Legend or punk? - Both. Dana : great buisness man or Money Fuelled? - Both Machida : Amazing or boring? - If your an MMA fan, he is AMAZING to watch Next title to change hands? - Lightweight, I think Diego has the skillset to take BJ 3 up and coming fighters to look out for? - Jon Jones, Nick Osipczak & Todd Duffee next confirmed fight your looking forward to most? - Belfort v Franklin Who will win that fight? - Belfort early, if not, Franklin will win by decision How many people have you got into watching ufc? - 3-4, 1 of which is a girl which i was impressed with What was the first fight you ever saw? - Not 100% sure, it was around the 60's (event wise lol) What you think of this thread? - Good idea
  11. deadside

    Confused in America

    Only time I ever heard Dana say something like that, was when talking about Junie Browning TUF 8? I think...
  12. Yeah, nice interview... Although the end few questions are interesting, because alot of people thought he looked a bit puny vs Hendo, looks like hes taken it on board and may look alot better for the Kang fight...
  13. This one always makes me feel a bit ill......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0KfQE2-ZqA
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