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  1. Jgrif

    Let's be real

    Hendricks clearly won that fight. If you disAgree you clearly have to be a 12 or 13 er
  2. Never watching ufc again big rig got robbed
  3. Jgrif

    Where is Silva going?

    Long fight lots of movement with about 20 seconds of action each round
  4. Jgrif

    Where is Silva going?

    I must be a nut hugger haha I just don't see Silva getting beat again unless he got Chuck chin
  5. Jgrif

    Where is Silva going?

    Do you think Silva will stay at MW after he beats Weidman? Personally with Machgoat dropping weight I don't think he will stay there. Also do you think he could cut to WW. I think it's his best chance of being a multi division champ.
  6. Jgrif

    The 3000th Silva Rant

    Lets b real. Silva fighting @ 40 % Wiedbad fighting @ 110% Wiedbad wins. December 28th Silva fighting at 80 % Wiedbad fighting at 110% Silva crushes him. On a side note yes I am butthurt. I don't get all the hate on Silva. I would rather watch Silva do that for 3 hours then sit though another GSP fight. The End
  7. Hmm Maybe because the last time they fought Belfort didn't make it out of the first round...... Just guessing I mean it wasn't like it was a close fight
  8. I mean the GSP with his only stand up weapon being his Jab and that innacurate overhand right of his. There is a reason GSP hasn't finished a fight forever you know but here I will break it down for you. Since Carlos almost kicked his head into Dana's lap his last fight I cannot see GSP doing anything but trying to lay on people for another 25 minutes. Diaz will sub him if this goes to the ground.... PS My 10 year old has better stand up then Shields on the ground the guy is a shark though
  9. + 100 for title I just have a feeling Diaz is going to take this. Lets put it this way if the GSP that shows up in the Shieds or Koscheck fight GSP is goign to get worked
  10. Only way Silva might get beat is if he moves to LHW and fights Bones..... and I would have a hard time betting against Silva in that one too
  11. I;m with this is war + 100 post. Diaz has the advantage in everything in this fight except wrestling
  12. Jgrif

    Educate Me

    Question for everyone. I consider myself a pretty novice MMA fan while I haven't been watching since UFC 1 I have been a pretty avid fan for quite awhile now. I guess I don't understand why so many people are counting BJ out of his fight with Rory. I know his WW record is by no means stellar and his training and motivation is always questioned but I mean come on this is Bj Penn. Remember what he did to Diego when Diego talked all that garbage Diego has never been the same. I mean this is the Bj penn that would flying knee you in your dome beat you bloody and then lick your own blood in front of you. Ill be the first to admit he isn't the same fighter since the Edgar fights but I mean anyone who says the dude isn't one of the greats is fooling themselves. So why does everyone think GSP's love child is going to just completly work BJ. I think it is idiotic to say the least to count Penn out of this fight . The man has been around the block quite a few times. If BJ can stop Rorys takedowns and acutally trained some cardio this time.... Well you know. Am I the only one that thinks Penn can pull this off
  13. Jgrif

    Diaz vs Gsp B-Real

    Its funny how everyone hates on Diaz. I think some of you are going to be pretty upset when GSP gets peppered with those body shots
  14. Jgrif

    Diaz vs Gsp B-Real

    Maybe I am a Diaz fanboy lol. I just think Gsp has looked less and less invincible his last few fights. I think if Gsp gets hit he goes into dry **** mode. I think a Gracie JJ guy can sub him
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