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  1. Ello my Lovely!!! What can I say??? I must be using the right deodrant and toothpaste???
  2. I'll have a pint of what you've had, Skittles
  3. Ello Minstrel.... You miss me then???
  4. I like Road House ........ Last one I saw was when I went to the flicks and watched The Departed...... I want something that grips me from start to finish and gets these lil blonde brain cells ticking over
  5. I've not watched a really good film in ages.....
  6. I think it would suit you Hamer..... Or Jim?
  7. LMAO!! She is a Northern bird, I suppose!!! Us scousers are the same.... I think Cheryl's lost too much weight though.....
  8. Ummmm...... The lead singer outta The Darkness, Jodie Marsh, Pete Burns, Michael Barrymore!!!!
  9. Full of the joys of Summer, ain't ya?
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