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  1. Ello my Lovely!!! What can I say??? I must be using the right deodrant and toothpaste???
  2. I'll have a pint of what you've had, Skittles
  3. Ello Minstrel.... You miss me then???
  4. I like Road House ........ Last one I saw was when I went to the flicks and watched The Departed...... I want something that grips me from start to finish and gets these lil blonde brain cells ticking over
  5. I've not watched a really good film in ages.....
  6. I think it would suit you Hamer..... Or Jim?
  7. LMAO!! She is a Northern bird, I suppose!!! Us scousers are the same.... I think Cheryl's lost too much weight though.....
  8. Ummmm...... The lead singer outta The Darkness, Jodie Marsh, Pete Burns, Michael Barrymore!!!!
  9. Full of the joys of Summer, ain't ya?
  10. You must be shattered? Not good, JJ. You need to hire yourself a naughty nurse.
  11. Quickly noted and will avoid if seen.....
  12. Tool??? You and that word?! You gotta go back the hosp?
  13. God, I am sorry to hear that, Skittles
  14. I wish I could have seen the car breaking down!!!
  15. Does the light beer taste any different to the normal? I have never seen a light beer over here......
  16. No messing round with you, is there?
  17. I don't like the name Louise.... But it is my name lol.
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