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  1. Gsp is one of the best fighters that has ever fought in an octagon, stop lying to yourselves.
  2. jamieMGS

    I hate ufc 132!!!

    Seeing Wandy get beat like that broke my heart
  3. hes not as good as adele.
  4. probably PS2. Simply because it had Meatal Gear Solid 3.
  5. Kampmann/Hazelett trying to stand with Daley.
  6. jamieMGS

    30-27 really?

    really really
  7. jamieMGS

    Poor Dan Hardy

    He doesnt have good defense. He just has great will to never tap. Also he does have some decent stand up.
  8. Terrible decision. But its not just Australia that has bad judging.
  9. Give this man his prizes dammit!!! Or there will be consequences:cool:
  10. Played the Beta, cant understand the appeal of MMO's. To each their own I guess.
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