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  1. Lions Den Can't believe no one said this yet. Must be too many new comers.
  2. Socialism is a *****. Universal Health care to government run corporations. I love seeing my rights being taken away by **** hippy liberals, seeing the economy fail, and watching jobs disappear. Its just going to get worse and may never get better. I am paying for Social Security I'll never see when I turn 65. On top of everything else, my bread and butter (the oil field) is completely ****ed atm. Glad Obama could bring us some Change(I literally need some.) P.S. Macain / Palin wouldn't of been any better IMO. I am not biased to any party.
  3. Been working out to the new Mastadon album Crack the Skye. It kicks ****. I suggest everyone check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GENvZhd-XjY&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBAGqkc2Qkk&feature=related
  4. Don't count out DA TALANT!
  5. All I am saying is, he can be beat. I think he should defend his title first. I also think he should fight better competition than people like Rashad. Rampage is far better than Rashad and he will prove it. Shogun might be, we will see. Does beating Thiago and Rashad make him the best LHW. Not in my opinion. Not until he beats Rampage.
  6. For one whole month. Damn thats a long time bro.The only one I have noticed that is a big fan but very reasonable is Iwish. He calls it like someone in the middle. Thats a real fan. P.S. I don't post much I just recently registered and I just like to read all the post.
  7. I doubt Shogun gets a shot, but if he does I would like to see him win just so I don't have to read all these post about how great Machida is etc. Looks like he has a lot of new fans.(or nut huggers)
  8. Rampage vs Silva anyone? LOL!
  9. GSP would have to bathe in Vaseline to even come close to beating Anderson Silva. Huge weight difference. First round KO. Anderson hand being raised and then a million threads about Silva vs Fedor.
  10. Good Thread. BJ "Cry Baby" Penn(will lose his belt and cry again his next fight)
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