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  1. gnicholas88

    GSP Vs. Hardy

    I like Hardy but i give this to gsp hands down cause he gonna kill the F out of hardy. GSP has no one to fight right now. i would rather see swick get beat down just because i dont like him as a fighter
  2. I know there are going to be a thousand threads about this but i just had to say my peace. Shogun is the real champion. machida couldnt even answer the questions he was asked in the confrence because he knew he didnt deserve it. The ufc judges have made some very bad calls this past year. Why cant everone just see that the decision was wrong and change it! any ways my hats off to shogun cause i gave him no chance in this fight and he blew me away and made me a true fan of his.
  3. wouldnt make any sense. vera is not top contender materal anymore
  4. its different because when you get held against the fence they can use it to there advantage and in the ring your just get re started in the middle. they cant put you against anything and use it as laverage. that just one big one
  5. that makes nno sense not to be a douch. but if he loses here he wont be able to go to strike force and face fedor. i think he would beat him but it will never happen.
  6. and he should be! i would think alot more of him if he just stayed and admited that he was out done.
  7. Obviously putting aside his last fight that made me lose all respect for him i think it would be interesting to see Rich franklin and forrest griffin go at it! i keep thinking about it but cant figure out a winner in my head. HATE to say it but i might give it to griffin by decision. what do you guys think?
  8. dont be a moron and read carefully! you were talkin about barnett i know more about mma than you could ever youngster
  9. no thats not it ive never actually seen him fight and i dont think brock is any good either just big and excellent wrestling thats it i dont think he deserved his shot at the belt when he did. I hate brock more than anything but i think him and frank would beat fedor
  10. i didnt do it for attention im just tired of hearing everyone praise him for bets hw when he not even close im not sayin hes no good just very iver rated and me myseld dont even think dana should ever let him in the ufc.
  11. Fedor is a punk that has been fighting nobodies to get his rep up! he has never fought anyone that was in there prime or they would still be in the UFC! The people he has fought is only the people that the ufc didnt want anymore cause there were not good enough anymore to keep around! then they send them to him! thats it! if he was in the ufc he would be a nobodie once everyone started to see that he was a joke! HE DOESNT WANT TO COME FOR A REASON! AND ITS NOT MONEY!!!
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