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  1. I'm willing to bet it was regarding a return to WWF. The looks they gave each other tells me that this Undertaker has been telling Brock that hes just trashing his body in MMA and that he needs to go back to WWF where its a little safer. Plus, who knows. Maybe a bigger payday. This Undertaker guy had a "I told you so" look when Brock passed by.
  2. I'm tired of rooting for Ortiz just to be dissapointed in the end. It always seems that he just doesnt give it his all these days.
  3. That shot was placed perfect. Right behind the ear shocks the equilibrium. That didnt land to the back of the head.
  4. "And its good night Irene!" ....... That annoys me more than anything. Hardcore fans will know what i'm talking about.
  5. FiEnD

    Whats next for Akiyama?

    I didnt expect much from him. ESPECIALLY after being triangled by Leben. He doesnt come into his fights with a smart game plan. Either that or he doesnt follow his game plan at all. Being a high level Judo player you would think he would have at the very least thrown Bisping around a little for points. I say cut him.
  6. Did a little research and found the answer to my own question.
  7. Does anyone know if there is more to the card then the 4 fights that are shown on the website? I'm guessing thats just the main card. What about the undercard?
  8. FiEnD

    Bisping's Twitter

    All I have to say is if Bisping is going to lose its going to have to be a pretty descisive loss. Remember Hamill/Bisping?
  9. I tell you what, I was watching Inside MMA a couple weeks ago and Karo was on the show. I didnt recconize who it was. It was only after they introduced him I realized it was him. Hes lost a lot of weight and looks nothing like his old self! Crazy. Im curious to see what he looks like come fight time. He almost looked sucked up on the show.
  10. Doesnt like to get hit = Keyboard warriors!
  11. Darce choke is my favorite. Flying triangle from clinch with over/unders is fun when I can land it right. Risky though if you have too much pride haha
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