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  1. Rin is NASTY Miesha is hot http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/styles/v2_article_large/public/2012/03/02/242567-miesha-tate.jpg
  2. I sure hope he fights better than he did with Gordon in the last TUF episode. The guy had a few takedowns and did absolutely nothing. I can't stand guys who get a take down then just lay down. Very boring fighter to watch.
  3. I wonder how Dana is going to deal with this. Penn vs Edgar season has had some terrible fights and Dana agrees. The Cathal vs Gordon fight was terrible as well but I am glad Gordon won. Cathal took him down several times and did absolutely nothing. I am sick of fighter that just go for points on take downs and basically lay on the opponent the whole fight. Something has to change, the fighters this year suck.
  4. low blow man. The wound is still weeping. Not for me, GSP was given the belt but he did not win the fight and everyone knows it.
  5. He did win the belt but he did not win the fight, clearly Hendricks won the fight. Everyone knows this and the physical evidence is not under dispute.
  6. Hope the OP is joking, if not I feel sorry for the guy. Hendricks will be the first guy to get a shot at GSP again.
  7. Dana says whatever comes to his mind. **** yeah he does and says it based on whatever mood he is in that moment.
  8. GSP hasn't been able to finish his fights lately and has looked worse than his opponents at the end of his past couple fights. Bones Jones DOMINATES his fights.
  9. People in this thread are ridiculous. Silva was jacking around just like he has in his past few fights. This time he got caught and KOd. His statement after the fight was pathetic and childish. He acted like a drama queen and wanted people to feel bad for him.
  10. I thought the fight was great but I don't have "a guy". I never really understood that, I like the sport and most of the fighters including Jones and Shogun. I just like watching good fighters and Jones was last night, WOW. I guess if you are "married" to a fighter it could be hard to watch. No need to cry about it though.
  11. I would have to take Sonnen. First I think he would win this fight easily due to style matchups. Sonnen also handled Silva on the mat which was incredible to see and this is coming from a Silva fan.
  12. jester71

    bisping spit

    You couldn't just make this post in one of the other threads?
  13. jester71


    Do you have some inferiority complex with brown people? Do you feel that inferior to them and venting on a MB helps you?
  14. I cannot WAIT to see his next fight. Aldo is simply amazing. I am so glad the featherweights are now part of UFC events.
  15. I would love to see this fight. Sonnen would drive Bisping nuts before the fight lol. These two guys would hate each other when they enetred the ring. The only problem is Sonnen would be a very bad match for Bisping. If Sonnen can contain and control Silva he would pound Bisping out in no time.
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