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  1. Doubt this is true


    But on a side note...does anyone see Dana white staying rich for long after he retires from tbe ufc and is not playing with Luther peoples money?


    What's more powerful....Dana white the hustler or Dana white the man who lives lavishly?


    I'm truly looking forward to the answer


    He will still be a 9% owner even after he retires... 9% of a 100 million $ business is 9 mil a year... Dana will be alright.

  2. I think everyone is familiar with pankration but by all accounts it died out 1500 years ago. If you've seen evidence that it survived in Turkey and Greece' date=' please share because everything I've read says it's been extinct for centuries.


    And Shamrock and Suzuki held there first Pancrase event only a month before UFC 1.[/quote']


    I saw it on one of those Discovery channel shows where the athletes go to different places to train in aboriginal and traditional sports. It might have been the one with the Belator announcer (I forget his name) Now that you mention it, I believe they said it was gone for several centuries but had been recently revived by locals in remote areas of Turkey. It is of course very limited, but pankration is still the very first form of organized MMA.


    That first King of Pancrasse may have been just a month before, but it had been in the works, and scheduled and cancelled I think twice, long before that.


    All details and semantics, I just get a little annoyed when UFC1 is touted as the birth of the sport. All the UFC did was make a package that would sell in America, and it took 10 years and completely new ownership and management for that to really happen.

  3. I feel like this has been around forever...three guys battling for the top p4 spot' date=' and no clear consensus on who is the best


    [b']First it was Silva/GSP/Fedor[/b]


    Then GSP/Silva/Penn


    Then GSP/Silva/Jones




    Who will be the next guy to join the top 3 p4p guys? My guess is Bendo once he starts getting more dominant wins...I could also see JDS...can't say Aldo b/c he is facing too weak competition in his division


    you are so showing your MMA "age"


    this sport goes back a little further than GSP and Anderson Silva.


    BJ Penn was the P4P king while GSP was still working tent shows in Saskatchewan ( is that how you spell it?)




    And to be perfectly frank, as much as I respect Fedor's accomplishments and say he was undoubtedly the best HW on the planet for a stretch, and will go down as one of the all time greats, to anyone watching, that knew what they were watching, he was never at the top of the P4P list based on skillset and technique alone. Everything he did was sloppy and technically way off base, but he did it with such a determination and will that he was near impossible to beat, in his time.


    All time great, absolutely yes. P4P great? emphatically no.

  4. LoL


    He will obviously get better and better as time goes on


    But he will never be on Silva's level


    He just doesn't have the natural talent that Silva does


    Exactly what I was thinking. There are fighters who through hard work and endless hours of training and repeptition create muscle memory and develop into extremely technically efficient strikers. GSP, Jones, Condit, Siver, are guys like this.


    But there are the rare few that are just natural born fighters, you see it in the way they move, their timing and coordination. Anderson Silva is one of the best natural born fighters ever seen in any discipline. JDS, Jose Aldo, Cerrone, BJ, and even Liddell have this same quality, but none are on the same level, or ever could be, as Silva.


    There is Sugar Ray Robinson, Bruce Lee, Muhammed Ali, and Now Anderson Silva as the pantheon of hand to hand combat.

  5. "MMA" existed way way before anyone ever realizes. The Greeks and Macedonians called it Pankratia, and it still is practiced, with competitions between villages, in rural areas of Turkey and Northern Greece.


    And BTW, Shamrock and Suzuki created King of Pancrasse in Japan at least a year before UFC 1, and Vale Tudo tourneys have been going on in Brazil since the 1920's, which is what inspired Helio Gracie to create BJJ in the first place.

  6. This isn't about Fedor.


    This is about a 13 yr old pre-pubescent sitting in his Mom's basement trying to get his jollies and prove his "coolness" by badmouthing one of the greatest names ever in the sport of MMA and his "individuality" by taking the very same unpopular opinion as every other ridiculous child doing the same thing as him.

  7. Hendo isn't classy. While fans may have loved his "double tap" on Bisping' date=' that was a foul move. While Hendo fans and Fedor haters may laud his victory in that matchup, they forget there were some blatantly brutal punches to the back of Fedor's head that sealed the victory. And most recently when a lot of reporters and fans criticized the decision win over Shogun as rightfully being a draw, butthurt Dan cries and moans that he thought he won a 10-8 round when he never was as dominant in a single round as Shogun was in the last. Hendo is not a classy guy, he's just not clever enough in the slightest when using his mouth.


    Case in point? Does he actually train anymore to do anything beside swing his right hand hoping for a KO, using lefts just to make sure it's mixed up? Hendo against Jones is as bad of a matchup as Sonnen, since Jones easily has a reach and stamina advantage and would take this fight.[/quote']


    And here I was thinking I was the only one who could see through the promotional team's picture of Hendo to the real dude.


    Let's not forget, one thing Hendo fans LOVE to parade out there to show his "class" is that he never talks smack about an opponent.... at least he doesn't BEFORE a fight. If he wins a fight, shortly after he is full of insults and smack, almost every single time. But if he loses then he remains respectful and quiet. At least Sonnen is an honest d-bag.


    And didn't Hendo set this whole mess into motion by waiting almost 3 weeks after finding out he would not be able to fight at 151 to pull out? It was his selfishness, and I think his plan with Sonnen, that started the ball rolling and ended with the first cancellation in UFC history, and the mess at the top of the division.

  8. Cute, but the name is still too long and your screwing up my page layout.


    Here's an idea, change your name from a half page rant about Fedor to , oh I don't know, how about "Monkey Brain Buffoon", it says exactly the same thing about you and doesn't disturb the rest of the world nearly as much.

  9. Look...what is right is right


    Just because it was to save a card doesn't mean it was right before. A bad' date=' undeserved fight is a bad fight no matter what the circumstance


    Also, let's be honest, chael was cheating. He twitter beefed jones 2 weeks before because i could amost guarantee you hendo said he'd be out...so this gave chael 2 weeks extra to prepare


    But the irony of this is pretty crazy...you all RIPPED on jones for not taking the fight and now you rip on him for taking it. I don't care if it was to save a card...none of you have stock in the UFC so what do you care if a card is canceled? Big f'in deal...we all got to save $55


    Jones had a legit reason to not accept that fight...a bad illegitimate title fight is a bad illegitimate title fight no matter what the circumstances[/quote']


    I am wondering just what the level of collusion between Hendo and the Mouth was at that time. Hendo knew at least 2 weeks before dropping out that he wasn't going to be able to fight. Does anyone else think there was an attempted manipulation of circumstances between Sonnen and Hendo to set this whole made up "beef" between JBJ and the West Lynne Gangster?


    I have no respect for Sonnen as a fighter, and even less as a man, but i do have to admit he has the craftiness and the makeup to come up with and try such a thing.

  10. so... are you (joshdfs) in favor of Chael vs bones?


    As a fight, no I don't think Chael has done anything to deserve a title shot, but any chance to see him humbled in the octagon and receive the beatings he so richly deserves I am down for. I would still rather the shot went to a deserving contender who fought his way to a shot, instaed of a blowhard who has never won anything of any import who talked his way in.


    As far as TUF, it might be entertaining, and a little interesting to see JBJ's reaction to 10 weeks of the mouth, but other than that I couldn't care less.

  11. I am so sick and tired of random arm-chair fighter wannabes sitting at their computer feeling like they are enough of an authority to declare ANYONE is or isn't a "real" MMA fan.


    Who the hell do you think you are? Your views, opinions, thoughts mean NOTHING more than anyone off of the street, period. How dare you assume that you are entitled to judge the level of any other perrson's knowledge, or the level of their "fandom" or commitment to anything.


    I honestly could not care one single iota who does or doesn't watch TUF, WWE, The View, American Idol, or any thing else that they want to watch simply as entertainment. If someone is entertained by watchiing a bunch of goofball fighters arguing amongst each other in the lap of luxury provided to them, then so be it. If you don't want to watch it, then so be it.


    But to sit there like you are the be all end all when it comes to being a fan of a sport does nothing but make you look like a complete and total d-bag to anyone with half a brain looking in.


    end rant, carry on.

  12. This was the card for the Super Bowl show


    Hendo vs. Shogun 2

    Nick Diaz vs. GSP

    JDS vs. Overeem

    Fedor vs. Brock


    Main Event


    Jones vs. Silva


    the world would explode

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