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  1. He was actually a few mph short of mach 1, which I personally think is impossible without some sort of propulsion, simple physics. Anyway, Travis Pastrana and Streetbike Tommy are doing the same jump in their underwear next week.
  2. Sure, other than his "points" are all false. The rule is against "small joint manipulation", ie: fingers or toes, if it were as you put it, then all submission locks would be illegal. I see nothing wrong with the knee kicks, this is fighting for Christs's sake. Kicking your opponent's knee out is no different than an arm bar, omoplata, kimura... and probably would do far less long term damage than most submission locks. open hand strikes are also 100% legal, but keeping distance, "range finding" with an open hand is not. This is what Koschek is constantly warned about in his fights and one of the reasons there is always a few eype pokes in his fights, he already knows he can get away with a few before the warnings come so he uses it to his advantage, which is legal, but extrememly dooshy.
  3. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! PB& bacon is the reason God invented sliced bread.
  4. Ther has to come a point when an individual's right to own a tool made for the specific purpose of ending another person's life is less important than every other person's right to live free of the fear of some nut having a bad day grabbing his AK and going on a rampage.
  5. This is all well and good to complain about something, but how about you compare the percentage of Gross income of each league with athlete pay and you will find that it is not that far different. The NBA brings in around 750 million dollars a year as a league and the percentage of that which goes into player pay is set at 49% after the lockout, and 3/4's of the teams in the league are losing money hand over fist. The NFL is a BILLION dollar business, and has similar issues with the owners turning a profit because of similar problems with exorbitant player pay. The UFC has taken the absolute correct, LONG term approach to fighter compensation growing according to the growth of the company, The bigger it gets, the better the pay will be. With the proper managment over the next ten years, I GAURANTEE that by the year 2020 that average pay will multiply 10 fold. Add to that the limited nuimber of roster spots in the "Big 4" and more and more truly elite athletes will find MMA as their profession of choice.
  6. EXCELLENT... In my humble opinion, I think the fighting part has been taken out of the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship and any fight not finished in the alloted time, should be judged a draw. There would have to be rare exceptions where one fighter is clearly superior, say JDS v Roy Nelson for example, but in most decisions these days, many of which are brought about specifically because one fighter sought a "safe" decision win rather than a finish, the fight would end as a draw.... Diaz/Condit- DRAW Guida/Maynard- DRAW most of GSP's title defenses- DRAW Hell, even some disputed decisions can be easily solved... Shogun/Machida- DRAW Machida/Rampage- DRAW Imagine the lack of controversy! This is supposed to be about fighting. Two men enter to prove which is the better FIGHTER, The most obvious way to prove superiority is the finish, by whatever means. Even old school wrassler Matt Hughes knew that, and used wrestling to put himself in position to FINISH a fight, not get a decision.
  7. This is actually a valid point, and it is the same dilemma boxing faced in the 60s and 70s when other pro sports started paying more and the best athletes gravitated to them instead of boxing. Before 1970 it was pretty well understood by the masses that the best male athlete in the world was the World Heavyweight Champion. But once the pay changed the best athletes went elsewhere and fighting was left with scrubs and the talent pool in HW boxing got extremely shallow. This trickled down even more because the guys who couldn't make it as pro boxers ended up as the earliest pro MMA fighters. But I gotta look at it a different way. While most fighters in the past were guys who for whatever reason didn't fit into other sports, there have been a few gifted athletes who would have been good at whatever athletic event they chose, and chose fighting. I'd say BJ Penn was the first, then GSP, and now there are more and more popping up, with Jones at the top of the class. You can deny his athleticism if you want, but both of his brothers are in the NFL and both say he can run them into the ground. Now his success, and like it or not, his presence in the eyes of pop culture, will hopefully lead other young athletes in the direction of MMA. So, for now, I gotta agree. Most of the best fighters in the world will never even be fighters, but I think within 10 years the most elite atletes on the planet will be fighters once again.
  8. This is the same BS that started when Silva started to dominate the MW division. In order to discredit the champ, claim the division is weak to begin with.
  9. Seems to me the kid is trying way too hard to get people interested in this meaningless fight. While we are at it, let's have JDS fight Couture, or Bones fight Tito, those fights would be just as meaningful
  10. I gaurantee either one of them could beat the piss out of every poster in this thread along with anyone they know. I love internet tough guys.
  11. I don't get it. Why the list and the big deal about tapping? Is tapping supposed to make a fighter less of a man or something? I'll tell you what, Don Frye or Gary Goodrich NEVER tapped for any reason in their careers, why don't you ask them how that has worked out for them, you know what answer you will get? "Blue" Maybe tapping out and preserving your health once in a while might not be such a bad thing.
  12. I made my children watch this since it expresses my feeling far better than I ever could. A man from my father's family has fought and died in every single American war since the revolution up to Vietnam. My father himself got 4 purple hearts in Korea. The love for this country and feelings of patriotism runs deep in my blood. I grew up with my father the patriot always telling me one thing about America... Don't love America for what it is, but for what it is supposed to, and can again be, and do everything you can to make it better. We have still not achieved the ideal set forth by our founding fathers, but what makes this country great is those who strive to make it so.
  13. This is the real danger of Chael P Sonnen. Now every scrub struggling through the ranks figures all they have to do is run enough smack talk, whether it has any basis in any reality or not, and go on about how the very best fighter this or any sport has ever seen is "ducking" or "doesn't want to fight me" in order to be propelled up the ranks by popular opinion rather than by skill alone and be given a title shot they clearly haven't earned either in the octagon or out.... Thanks again Sonnen you scumbag. Who the hell is Chris Weidman?
  14. BTW GB, MMA fans became nerds when the number one fan at most UFC events, with his customary seat right behind the fighter's entrance.... was Wilmer Valderama. If Fez is down, so are the nerds!
  15. agreed, Lombard, Bisping (Possibly Belcher, though I don't know why anyone would believe that fight would be worth putting on) are the only currently signed MW prospectives, and SF has a few victims as well in Kennedy and Rockhold, but other than Lombard I don't really see a single interesting matchup left at MW, Silva is just obviously that much better. A move to LHW to face Rashad, or maybe Bader, or even Glover Texiera would be interesting though.
  16. Chael Sonnen spoke the simplest truth in the simplest terms at the post fight presser and all his fans who continue to cry should listen "The better man wins EVERY time, and the better man won tonight." That is all, end of story, please move on, please stop with the greasing, short grabbing, illegal knee that wasn't talk and enjoy the fact that you got to witness the reign of the greatest MMA champion of our lifetime. Watch the press confrence and listen to your icon, he speaks the real truth for the first time in his career.
  17. NO In a streetfight no one would have broken them up, so they would lay there for another 23 minutes or so with Sonnen doing zero damage, getiing his face cut up with elbows, and Silva would eventually lock in a submission and either choke Sonnen out or break a limb. I Silva's defense was impenetrable, that is jiu jistu baby
  18. joshdfs


    Yes I anticipate at least a dozen different threads calling for everything from his immediate release , the seizure of his purse, forfeiture of his title to his incarceration for knocking the referee cold for trying to stop him from continuing to maul Sonnen's lifeless bady.
  19. He has so much courage he insults adversaries from afar but clams up completely whenever confronted face to face He has so much courage he is known to have on at least 3 occasions, including the first Silva fight, continue to try and fight after tapping or try to "fake" a tap to gain an advantage He has so much courage that he first had to have his mommy as backup in a felonious mortgage fraud scheme then imediately turned state's evidence against his co-conspirators when he was busted, including his mommy Yeah he is a paragon of courage
  20. What I am truly hoping for is a Ali/Floyd Patterson "What"s My Name B***ch!" moment consisting of Silva spending about 23 minutes picking Sonnen apart and screaming Portugese obscenities while repeatedly bringing Chael to the brink of consciousness only to ease back and let him recoop enough to take another brutal beating.... All while Siva's wife is outside the ring yealling boisterously "Yes Papi, That is how you do it, how do you want your steak?"... Until 4:30 of the fifth round when Silva, almost mercifully, puts Sonnen on the canvas for the last time with some insane Steven Seagal strike then immediately locks in a combination omoplata/ heel hook and simultaneously breaks Sonnens arm and leg and before the ref can even stop it Silva stands above the writhing in pain body of Sonnen with arms raised in a V. But hey, I just want to see a good fight.
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