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  1. when you put coaches like Bisping and Jason Miller, it turns into one of those trash reality shows meant to display drama instead of actually finding talent. Quite honestly, the fighters that audition for TUF aren't even that good anymore, they bring it scrubs that will cause the most amount of drama vs those that are like GSP and talented. Jason and Bisping shouldn't even considered them to be elite nor accomplished fighters. Just loudmouths that are meant to drive TV ratings up, but are not delivering since the mma community knows its pure stank.
  2. What did i say about forrest griffen. Now no one is talking about him. I saw this from day one and most people on this forum doubted it.
  3. I concur, he is very underrated, he beat quality opponents
  4. Forrest is overrated, he lost to better fighters and it isn't like the NFL where teams lose on any given sunday, he last to better fighters that could beat him 9 out of 10 times
  5. and unfortunately that is all is known to the other elite fighters
  6. Forrest had a good strategy coming into that fight, but as Forrest started to up his level of competition, his opponents time and time again proved to be more technical and smarter
  7. when he reclaims the belt, if he ever can, then I will personally write those same words out, until they he has been nothing more but an overrated fighter that thinks he can compete with the best
  8. Forrest defeated shogun when he was severely injured before the fight, now Shogun is the true champion for fighting through his injury and even offered congratulations after the fight instead of crying out of the octagon.
  9. Forrest Griffin's days as a light heavyweight contender are over. The UFC is generously giving Forrest fights that he can ease his way back into the spot light because the average fight fan recognizes his name. I admit he has shown better striking capabilities ever since his fight with Hector Ramirez, but it's just isn't enough. People will contend that the Rich Franklin fight should his technical and strategic abilities which make him a force to be reckon with. Griffin was fighting with a weight advantage in their bout and used his size to smoother his opponent. But if he were to have a rematch with an opponent that displays brilliance in Anderson Silva, he would be massacred once again. Griffin's lack of skill, technical hand ability, lack of quickness make him a walk through. People are over hyping his capabilities than he deserves. SO what if he won a championship to rampage, he lost it in the next bout to a smarter opponent. Forrest seems to lose his wits and opponents take advantage of that. And after his loses, he prances out of the stage instead of congratulating the winner. Forrest's overrated toughness to adversity is a joke. next time tough it out when you have to face an opponent when he has clearly beaten you. Hopefully his hype will die out and this "Ultimate Fighter" has been fades away
  10. randy couture...even though he fought a impressive bout with nog.....he's getting old, mark coleman, stephen bonnar, and FORREST GRIFFEN!!!
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