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  1. i like kenflo....but i don't see how you can picture him giving Aldo much competition. there is not ONE part of Kenny's game that is comparable to Aldo's. Aldo has superior thai, BJJ, boxing, cardio, GnP.....freaking everything. i guess Kenny has better hair.
  2. Cause Florian ain't one of 'em. Fun fights (but Aldo would be favored): Melvin Guillard Dos Anjos Gomi Guida (just to see how much blood he would lose before he died) Fantastic fights: Maynard Jim Miller Penn Frankie Edgar
  3. Aldo would eat him. Florian wouldn't make it out of the first round....and would face a 6-month medical suspension after that fight. There some 155lb UFC fighers that would give Aldo a run....but Florian just ain't one of 'em.
  4. The_Q

    Why BJ lost?

    BJ trained very well for this fight...his cardio was fine as well. You don't get 2 strong takedowns in the 4th and 5th if you're gassed. Frankie just has that style that Penn can't counter. it doesn't even necessarily mean that Edgar is the all around better fighter (he's not)....but against Penn, he is. STYLES MAKE FIGHTS...IT'S ALL ABOUT MATCH UPS remember in boxing, when Vernon Forrest beat Sugar Shane Mosely twice, years ago? Vernon was good....he faded for a while after those fights...then started coming back recently before his life was tragically taken..... but NO ONE will ever say Forrest was an all around better fighter than Mosely. Mosely is a hall of famer with a much more prolific career. but he just could not beat Vernon. couldn't. his style just matched him too well. same thing here. Frankie would probably always beat Penn....but Frankie prob. is gonna lose to Maynard AGAIN....because, flip side, Maynard has the kind of style that Frankie just can't beat.
  5. http://insider.mmaweekly.com/uncategorized/rich-franklins-fight-against-breast-cancer/ helping to fight breast cancer....Pink is universal color for breast cancer awareness.
  6. in order: Fedor BJ Penn Bas Rutten Nick Diaz Kenny Florian (I'm a lean 155 with similar attributes)
  7. If you truly want to turn her head to pudding and send her stumbling out the door, pale and naseous.... "Necromantic". A german flick from the 90's....hard to find, indi flick. Subtitles. sex with corpses....unbelievable. you show this to her....you will never see her again. for a just plain disturbing and gross: new flick, "The Human Centipede". not a good movie...but the premise and some of the scenes are just horrendous and disturbing. watch the trailer.
  8. that is biologically impossible. you knock someone out by concussing thier brain. you strike their head so hard that the brain rattles against the skull and it shuts down to protect itself. you don't restart the brain by concussing it again. Fedor was never out...and was never in serious trouble. i've only seen ONE punch that has truly rattled Fedor EVER and had him in trouble for about 20 seconds....the Fujita fight. Fedor can take ANYTHING Brett wanted to throw at him.
  9. yeah...anyway, getting back to Nelson vs. dos Santos... dude, Nelson is really starting to grow on me. I've watched him for a while now,...gained some more respect for him during TUF 10...gained alot more when he tooled Shaub, and he just won me over when he tooled Struve. He's fat, he's obnoxious, he doesn't believe in having a manager or belonging to a gym (he trains at home mostly and books his own fights), he looks flabby and acts like a redneck pig. but he's freaking really good. Despite his appearance, he as insane cardio, one-punch knockout power, good hands, can take a punch, has VERY good BJJ (blackbelt) and uses his weight on the ground extremely well. This guy just wins.....however he needs to. i have no doubt that dos Sontos would eventually KO him if it stayed standing for the duration.....but if Nelson gets this fight to the ground (and Roy has pretty good takedowns, strong Judo trips and hip control).... shoot.....i think he will sub Junior. i love Junior....but i think Roy may pull the upset and piss everyone off.....again!
  10. Whether immediate or not...a rematch is mandatory. That fight was extremely close, and the judging was very questionable by any objective viewer. Very similar to the Rua/Shogun fight. i mean, hats off to Edgar for fighting the perfect kind of fight to get a points win, and shame on Penn for letting him.... but I, too, am of the mind that you must TAKE the belt from the champion....not dance around and try to out point him by a slim margin. What most are saying is true: Edgar is just borrowing the belt. I like Frankie and he deserved alot of praise for what he's accomplished and for that fight....but anyone with some experience knows Penn would beat him 9 out of 10 times. That was Frankie's one time. In the rematch, you will see Penn go on the crazy offensive....might even see Penn take Frankie down and show him what a BJJ prodigy can do on the ground along with some GnP. Frankie is gonna get seriously hurt. As far as if the rematch should be immediate...well, I can see both sides of the argument. But lets be real: BJ Penn is not gonna pull a Torres and start a losing streak. ANY guy you throw at Penn at 155 (Maynard, Florian, even has been Gomi) is gonna get thrashed. and anyone that Edgar faces has a serious chance to beat him. Maynard could beat Edgar, Florian likely would.... and then what? you're just stalling the inevitable because Penn will just march through and destroy all of them before getting his belt back. Maynard would never beat Penn. Florian couldn't and can't. Gomi? don't be stupid. and Edgar got his "one time". The UFC got there little upset in the lightweight division to get some media spinning. but it's just lip service. Penn is still the best in the division...and making him dance through more underwhelming competition until he gets the belt back is just silly and purely a money grab by the UFC...while the belt probably gets passed back and forth between 3 other contenders in the meantime. Let Penn get the belt back....and then either get some new blood into the lightweight division or let Penn move up to 170. Seriously, can't the UFC pull Alvarez or Thompson or Aoki...even Melendez over here at some point?
  11. what you call "advantage" is actually cheating. you've just been programmed not to think so.
  12. i 've always found that those that argue FOR weight cutting hit a brick wall when you ask them what cutting weight, in and of ITSELF, has to do with fighting. they never have an answer. when i say "in and of itself", that doesn't mean "everyone does it so i have to" "been doing it for years" "forced strength advantage" etc. what does it actually have to do WITH FIGHTING, not with the fight culture.
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