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  1. FlavesEnt

    Arlovski vs Lesner

    It would only be a dream fight because Arlovski would be in Dream Land after Brock knocks him out by TKO. He is washed up man.
  2. FlavesEnt

    dream match

    Brock would. Sapp got smoked by Bobby Lashley and Brock beat Bobby Lashley in WWE so that means he would be Sapp in MMA, because that wrestling **** is real too. Joking.
  3. I believe that the season is already completely shot except for the finale. They do that so the guys have time to recoup and prepare for their fight at the finale. So basically Rampage just has to show up for the Finale. I am assuming that he will do that. If he doesnt', Dana should KHTFO of the UFC.
  4. Will they have a booth at the fan expo?
  5. FlavesEnt

    Fan expo

    The UFC recently posted the rules for this on http://www.ufcfanexpo.com I think you are allowed to bring stuff or they will provide you with autograph cards. Dan
  6. Thanks. I am sure I will have a blast. You can read all about it on my blog as I will make daily (nightly) posts.
  7. Call Maxim and tell them to stop the search. She should be the new full time ring girl.
  8. There's going to be so much to do there it's gonna be a blast, autograph sessions, seminars, maxim octagon girl search, grappling tournament, free swag. I can't wait.
  9. I am flying out from NJ next month to attend the expo. Is anyone else going to be there? It should be an exciting event. Sound off here, if you will be attending. Oh yeah, if you are one of the vendors who will be there, let me know because I will be trying to make connections with vendors for product reviews on my site. Dan http://www.dansmuaythaimma.com
  10. Assuming Lesnar wins 100, this sets up the next fight for Brock.
  11. I don't have any pics but Forrest Griffin is my favoritte.
  12. welcome to the boards.
  13. what are your goals? are you trying to cut weight? boost energy? add muscle and tone?
  14. Body Kore, I'll stop by and say what's up. By the way, I have a section of my website where I do product reviews. Vendors provide me with products to review in exchange for ad space and promotion on various forums and social bookmarking sites. I'm not sure if this is something you would be interested in. Perhaps we can discuss more at the Expo. Dan
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