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  1. UK is now for a rude awakening. US has cut its guys down to the good fighters. Lester will win. Dollar has a possibility. Dent will get KO'd.
  2. Fighter9

    dream match

    WHOA!!! You are going too far! Liddell will whoop his ****. C'mon. Cut some slack. What about Couture vs. Lashley?
  3. I would love to see them two as the coaches for the next TUF. This will create controversy because Rampage still has to fight Machida. Machida might take it more seriously than Rampage, even though he has a fun personality and great skills. Karate dudes always take it seriously. They wouldn't be as pissed as Matt Hughes and Matt Serra.
  4. Where di you hear he might be on TUF 10? I think for the coaches should be Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. This will create lots of tension and build up a great fight afterwards. :cool:
  5. I think Bobby needs to be promoted to the UFC. He is showing too much power in that cage. Dana needs to consider Bobby.
  6. I think that all of the United States guys are going to be eliminated and there will be another Ultimate Fighter from the U.K.
  7. Fighter9

    Joe Rogan

    Someone needs to fire Joe Rogan and give someone else the job. I'm sick of Joe's voice. He's a ****.
  8. The U.S. had a good fight last ***ht. Even t**ugh I hate Cameron Dollar, he was a beast. But, Frank Lester is a *****!!! You need to listen to the coach's advice, you ****er! What a ****face! This is what you call a dumb ****!
  9. I think he was lying when he said he was "passed out". THE **** HE WAS!!!!!! We all know that Bisping is a good fighter, but he has a sucky personaility and I know that he doesn't care about the Brits. He has a fight coming up with Dan Henderson at UFC 100. Dan cares about people and his fighting ability. He is the real deal.
  10. Let's hope that Cameron Dollar is gone. If he isn't, I'll be pissed!!!
  11. Honestly, I don't like Bisping. He's a *****! The coach should be someone from the U.K. and is a better fighter than Bisping. He's a **** stain. But for some reason, he's advancing quickly. He will bring them forward!
  12. I really liked Jackson vs. Jardine. That was a tough fought battle for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Contendership. Jackson put it down!
  13. After seeing Demarques fight, I think he will be one of the Ultimate Fighters, if there are 2 fighters. If there could be only one, it would probably be one of the U.K. guys. Or Demarques.
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