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  1. ya me too? i don't get where this bloke is lookin' i tried to replicate and couldn't
  2. about ****in time somebody did this. i've always wanted to see who was at the top for any given statistic. ****in cool to see Chuck Liddell is #1 on the UFC's all-time KO list. http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-compare-stats.html#promotion
  3. ummmm... ya.. knocked the **** out. i think he'd rather go out with a KO over Tito. give him Tito then let him retire. Dana White: "He went out like Chuck Liddell would want to go out."
  4. gavyg03

    UFC 115 Preview

    good stuff as always mike
  5. this is a very interesting list of fighters who have never been (T)KO'ed in MMA. a lot of them are past and present fighters. it's great to see Bas Rutten in 8th place still after all these years! kinda hard thing to obtain. http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-total-stats/50-Zero-Knockout-Losses.html
  6. Jake Shields HAS NOT signed with the UFC. ya'll got trolled. it'll happen eventually but hasn't yet according to FiveKnuckles.com source: http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Jake-Shields-still-weighing-options-has-not-signed-with-UFC.html
  7. if i was guaranteed no brain-damage, i'd let cro cop kick me in the face. likely resulting in brain-damage though.
  8. lol, this is a hilarious Pat Barry interview. he talks about it being an honor basically to win or lose to Cro Cop. then he goes on to say if he beats cro cop he'll probably sit in a chair and stare out the window for a year. lol how can you not cheer for this guy. i remember going into fighting Hardonk he had something like $0 to his name then won the fight and fight of the night bonus! interview: http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/5K-Exclusive-Pat-Barry-in-winwin-situation-against-Mirko-Cro-Cop-Filipovic.html
  9. i checked a couple pages and didn't see this goody from Sonnen. all i gotta say is bwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaa.. Silva knows how to defend and will keep him standing/striking. he'll use his length and KO Sonnen (that is if Silva decides to) source: Chael Sonnen to Anderson Silva: "You're going to be on your back more than a ****star."
  10. LOL i love this guy after this interview. he tells it like it is and says he'd rather have a badass fight than be like Josh Koscheck.... win.... and still stuck.. LOL http://www.fiveknuckles.com/mma-exclusive/5K-Exclusive-One-on-one-with-Ben-Rothwell.html
  11. how are they misleading? it's the stats they've done when inside any one promotion?
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