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  1. Lyoto would have a really really really hard time hitting Jones. His strategy of skirting outside of range wouldn't work well, because it's too hard to be outside of Jones range. Jones would take him down and finish I think. I think Rampage poses a bigger threat to Jones. He'd be stronger and harder to take down, and equally, if not more, dangerous in terms of knockout potential.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what it is about Jones, but I don't think there's a wrestling based fighter in the UFC that can beat him. Forrest griffin would have a better time with John Jones in my opinion than Rashad would. If your toolbox is wrestling with a few additions, John will humiliate you.
  3. I used to post on this forum often. I still read from time to time but rarely post as it just seems like shouting into an army of trolls and retards who are all shouting louder to begin with, but posts like this give me hope that something worthwhile still exists here
  4. I think Silva is getting old, he isn't as dangerous on the feet as he used to be. Like James Toney. It won't be long before we see the beginning of the downfall I believe, that being said, Silva definitely was the P4P best in his career, so I don't think anything can be taken away from him other than his youth.
  5. They've shuttled the forums away off the site so they don't have to moderate them any more. It used to be one of the main buttons on the sight, now it's a subsection of the "community" section that is already marginalized to a little speck under the "other" drop down menu. The forums just aren't something the UFC cares about. They already have Sherdog on the internet to give them a hard time about everything, and the fight club is a way more successful fan program. When the cat's away the mouse will play, so basically, now, trolls turn this place to ****ville.
  6. OP, Are you trolling or just retarded? [edit] meh, ya, I guess because they're trying to sell the biggest attendance they've ever done they could due to have one more headliner fight. But it's FAR from a weak card. Definitely worth the PPV.
  7. Chris nailed it. I'd be tentative to call him the "First Japanese champion" because of his mom's side of his genetics. Where as Cain Velasquez may have been born in the US, but both his parents are Mexican, therefore he's second generation Mexican immigrant. Culturally I may say Cain is American, but genetically he's Mexican, and reasonably speaking, growing up in an entirely Mexican home he will have a lot of Mexican culture imbued in him as well, at very least he understands it even if he doesn't embrace it.
  8. SwiftSpear

    Frank Murr?

    Brock is da man!
  9. Ya, lets get half naked and roll around on eachother! Much more manly! Seriously though, I don't go over to your house and kick you off your polo horse, or whine about you slapping *** with your rugby buddies. Hockey is big in Canada, good sized in russia and most of the more northern euro countries, norway, iceland, sweden, finland, and so forth. MMA isn't at that level yet most places in the world, even though in Canada, the US, Brazil and Japan respectively it is getting pretty close to one of the biggest sports. MMA is starting to take more grip in the Netherlands and starting to touch the Europe's outside of the UK. It's also starting to reach into china, but it's not quite soccer (football herp derp) yet so the argument that MMA fighters aren't as well known as hockey players yet might hold water. I don't think there's any argument that the fact that MMA grew from nothing to a sport nearly as big as Hockey in a matter of a few years isn't astonishing though. Hopefully it continues to grow and catch on.
  10. What is with BJ and training with mentally unbalanced people?
  11. I'd say Bigfoot is on par with Struve. Does Strikeforce have Barnett? I thought he was banned from fighting for like forever and doing pro wrestling in Japan now. Barnett, when he's clean, is a monster.
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