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  1. it is superior to none? that means everyone elses striking is better So because Randy has the worst striking he should standup with toney ?
  2. lol Fast...did you see i got banned in the middle of my show :mad: wut did you think about the sonnen Silva fight
  3. depends on how you throw the punch, where it lands, the force behind the punch, the persons "chin"
  4. doesnt knockout power imply said person has the power to.........knockout.........' guess i am just stupid
  5. lol, the biggest troll on the forums gets through his show without geing banned.........
  6. lol well we know Fast loves Fast
  7. yeah krayzie bones albums were pretty good too
  8. lol thats all you could come up with ? what a *********
  9. my honest opinion biggie sounds like jabba the hut and is overrated tupac had some good songs but is not the GOAT Bizzie bone is a better lyricist than either Eminem is overrated but is a better lyricist than tupac or biggie i do not like listening to BIG
  10. Bizzie bone and krayzie bone are better than any one mentioned
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