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  1. Griffin will lose bad. hes so over rated, hes just a poster child. lil nog will wreak
  2. it was provoked by your tool responses
  3. he USED to be the most dominant HW fighter. all he fights NOW is washed up fighters and no names.its sad so many people are on his balls.
  4. fedor is garbage and your a band wagoner
  5. play call of duty modern warfare 2. then stop being an ignorant ***
  6. fedor is the most over rated man in the world. you can close the topic now
  7. couture is garbage so that explains that
  8. bad fight. both are VERY over rated. jon jones would kill both
  9. i hate GSP im just gonna throw that out there. hes boring and worst of all FRENCH CANADIAN silva would destroy him in the first
  10. thats not that big of an award.
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