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  1. by posting this we all know you are not the sharpest tool int eh drawer, but even a slow person wouldn't bring up something that is this old and think its a new
  2. good to know that stupid *** people still infect these forums... let me guess you think the UFC is a sport and do not know what MMA stands for do you
  3. Hizoka

    Mma Fun Facts

    the fail that this post contains cannot be described... its just that bad
  4. Hizoka

    Carwin Over rated?

    getting rocked by a weak punch shows good chin??? dude lay off the crack
  5. actually one of my favorite fighters started as a pro wrestler, thats not why fans of MMA hate lesner, they hate him because he did not earn anything... he gets payed more then any other fighter and he knows almost nothing about MMA he came into the UFC for his second fight and was payed more then anyone else in theUFC had been payed to that point and LOST and still got payed more then the fighter who beat him... hes going to come back and lose his next fight and every brock nut butter drunk is going to claim some excuse, then he will lose a third time and the brock lovers will vanish, just like Brock will from the sport
  6. Hizoka

    JDS v. Gonzaga

    and i never see anything intelligent in your posts
  7. figus... you post historical facts and the little kids just post fedor and brock crap..... WTF happened to the intelligent posters on this forum
  8. Hizoka

    i was just thinking...

    BJ will never be the WW champ again
  9. Hizoka

    JDS v. Gonzaga

    i guess the thread already talking about this very subject eluded you...
  10. it was in the olympics, it started in 648 BC, the event was named Pankration, it was what we call MMA today... however when Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the IOC in 1894, he said that all of the ancient olympic games will be held except Pankration
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