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  1. Worst season ever, losing interest fast. Some OK fights I suppose but zero entertainment between the coaches, zero entertainment between fighters. Is the format getting old or have they just picked a poor pair of coaches? Either way, don't know if I'll make it to the end of the season, boring.
  2. I've watched UFC for 6 of 7 years now but I won't be subscribing to Murdoch's cash cow like Dana has. Dana doesn't give a toss about MMA, that guy is for the money 110%, thats why Zuffa love him. Have you noticed how much advertising and sponsorship is already in the UFC...tonights clock is sponsored by....the 'Harley Davidson' prep point....tonights replay is brought to you by...etc etc. All of that said, trust me, PPV in the UK for UFC will fail. Very few will pay for a 3am event, it's just not big enough over here yet, I have an enormous circle of friends and I am the only one who even watches UFC, let alone who would pay to watch it at 3am. Even though the last couple of years have seen it's popularity over here grow rapidly I think this could be the biggest mistake Zuffa and Dana have ever made, it could just kill it here. To be honest, TUF has grown weaker by the season so missing that is no big deal to me but all in all the UFC have just got the illegal down-loaders rubbing their hands togethor. I know numerous people who will download any event or episode of TUF and put it on a DVD for the price of the disc (which is pennies), am I gonna pay an extra ?20 a month for Sky Sports just to watch TUF? Am I gonna pay ?15 or whatever to watch a UFC card that might produce 5 or 6 rubbish, boring wrestling matches? Of course I'm not and I bet I'm not in the minority.
  3. I agree man, I'm a Brit so I'm all for Rampage training over here but I do believe that if he doesn't move to a major US camp and work more on his wrestling, kicks, BJJ etc with some major names he don't stand a big chance of ever getting 'his belt' back.
  4. VintageGt

    Ufc 114

    Because he gets in the ring with some of the most exciting strikers in the world and produces the most boring fights I've ever seen yet he gives it all the big 'I'll knock you out' etc then just pushes them into the fence and rolls on them. Turining into the most boring fighter in the UFC and I'm glad the crowds are feeling it too by booing him, hope Rua kicks his **** in a major way and I'm sure he will.
  5. Exactly...then I'll be on getting the free download sites! ;o)
  6. LMAO...what is it about this site that attracts these bozo's?! Excellent stuff. Anyway, I got the cold beer, the chips and the event in full all ready to roll in glorious HD and I don't even have to move of the sofa, now that's the way it should be...enjoy everyone!
  7. LOL...nice work. Now thats a hater!!
  8. Haha, I don't hate anyone dude, I merely answered the question. What I said above is true, you are not allowed to mention free download sites on here that will rip off UFC events, if you do the mods will just close the thread, it's against the law! I don't make the rules dude, I'm just quoting!
  9. The point is, this is a UFC site owned by Zuffa, all UFC event footage is property of Zuffa therefore this site aint gonna want us discussing how to rip off Zuffa by getting their shows into our TV's for free, simple as that really. )
  10. Like the other guy said, if you're in the US, go to a bar or something, they'll have it on for the price of a beer and a bucket of wings, happy days!
  11. Yeah, well spotted dude, that got by me too. Even more of a shame Forrest dropped out now!
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