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  1. JujitsWho

    Jon Jones free lol

    Lol....this escalated quickly
  2. Aldo, Jacare and Woodly arent past their prime. Aldo maybe getting there but has scrap left in him. But ya, my main guys are for sure. I listed them because they're still my guys. When i think of MMA, those are the guys that meant the most to me. Especially at the time. I used to be into MMA on a completely different level than I am now. Ive kept an eye on the sport and certain fighters in particular, but as I got older and got married it kinda fell by the wayside. I dont know. They just hold a place that none of the new guys can measure up to. At least for me.
  3. JujitsWho

    Jon Jones free lol

    Isn't it supposed to be disposable income? I guess both work, but ive never heard expendable income used in my life
  4. Im glad you mentioned Rich Franklin. I loved him too. Such a class act. And a beast in his day. But i have to agree, most of my guys will never be overtaken.
  5. Ya thats why i like guys like Neer, Griffin and Cerrone. Dudes just show up and meet ya in the middle of the cage. I respect that.
  6. To me its all HOW the guy is co*ky. I always thought Bones was fake humble and in reality co*ky as ****. I hate that kinda crap. I have no problem with actually being co*ky tho. In fact its more fun when they are. Guys like the Diaz brothers and Cowboy pull that off well. They are who they are and if you dont like it too bad.
  7. Great freakin flic right here. I loved it. Some people find it slow, but i thought it was awesome.
  8. Im an old timer when it comes to this website. But ive been away for almost 10 years now so most everyone i knew is gone. In the interest of getting to know all of you, I'd like to see who you guys like as far as fighters. You can do past, present or a mix of both. Mine are: Big Nog BJ Penn Shogun Rua Jose Aldo Jacare I also really like T-Wood (actually interviewed him for another site before he was a huge name back in his strikeforce days) Gotta mention Cowboy Cerrone too. Love his fights. Probably have lots more i could throw in but thats enough for now. Lol
  9. These last 2 pictures are funny as hell
  10. **** those guys anyway. Jacksons used to be the meca of this sport. That Wink merger killed any cred that place had. The whole deal with Cerrone really pissed me off too. Pretty disloyal imo. I pull against them on principle now.
  11. This is still Newtonian physics. And the simple answer as to why he did that is actually simple......movie lol
  12. Which rapper would have the nuts to say some **** to his face tho?! Very few im guessing. Unless they have heat on'em
  13. If only that were true. Money makes science lie ALL the time. Well let me qualify that. Science doesn't lie, but the results can easily be altered to fit a need.
  14. One of them. Brewster and G-row were there before me though. I wasn't first.
  15. Well i did say probably. But its pretty well known by people that know me that ive always swang on BJs nuts lol. Ive argued for him and defended him more times than i can count. He was my avatar for many many years. But at the same time ill never pick a guy to win just because i like him more. Ill still pull for him to win, but if im seriously picking i use my eyes and brain, not my heart. Some people view that as not being a fan and thats cool. I just see it as being logical.
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