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  1. Joined the force in 91, got into some bad **** with the local gang, the purple gypsys, when he busted the gang boss in 93. Went into the witness protection program for 9 years where he took on the humble job of raising rabbits for meat. He married a young trick named Jim and they lived happily together for 8 years, bearing 6 children. Untill the purple gypsys leader, Jeff Goldblum, was released from prison and found him and his family hiding in the upper floor of a gas station in new mexico. Shot 34 times and left for dead, his wife killed and his children kidnapped, now the only thing on his mind is getting sweet, sweet revenge on Goldblum and his posse of sexually confused guidos. He had it all, but now he's just an Ex-Cop trying to go straight and get his kids back.
  2. -fav- rampage machida jones lesnar alves jds penn mike brown reem wanderlei buakaw -not- Mir tito leben hughes evans miller kos rogers sonnen nelson nagashima
  3. If you dont fill up all 48 spots may I join? Ive been on the forum almost everyday for a year now, I just lurk and dont post much, but this is definitely something I would be interested in. lemme know
  4. Damn that Danna White. btw Brock fought Mir first whom he dominated untill a controversial ref stand up, prob why he stayed. Toney will be out after Randy spanks him, im sure.
  5. I didnt know Greg Jackson cornered Burkman
  6. haha no.. I'm saying 900 000 if wandy was still on it i'd say 1.1 or more, it's a really good card all around.
  7. hahahaha who picked Shamrock?
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